Senior Frontend Engineer – Autify


Job Description

You will be responsible for the web frontend development of Autify, the AI-based software test automation platform, as well as develop the Chrome Extension, and the test logic using JavaScript.
・ Work with other engineers, designers, and product leads to implement features that provide a better user experience while being mindful of performance and accessibility.
・ Similarly, proactively identify functions that can be improved, improve the existing frontend mechanism and the quality of the code, and facilitate future development.
・ Improve the frontend architecture so that the entire team can easily develop and introduce new functions and change existing functions.


・ Developing frontend web applications using TypeScript, React, Redux, Ruby on Rails
・ Developing Chrome extensions for recording user actions using TypeScript, React, and Redux
・ Developing test execution workers using TypeScript, WebdriverIO, and Puppeteer
・ Developing UI component base


・ Japanese nationals
・ Foreign nationals working in Japan
・ Foreign nationals who are not working in Japan and require a visa and meet any of the following conditions:
・ Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in engineering, science and engineering, informatics, etc.
・ Diploma or Advanced Diploma at a college
・ Ten years of work experience
※ If you currently live overseas, you may work as a subcontractor until you obtain a visa.
・ Anyone located overseas who doesn’t plan to relocate to Japan but willing to work during our Japanese working hours.
Required skills
・ Over 3 years of development experience using frameworks such as React, Vue.js, Angular
・ Over 1 year of experience in developing backend using frameworks using any language
・ Modern development experience with Agile or Scrum
・ English skills (business level or better)
Preferred skills
・ Experience in E2E test automation with Selenium and Appium
・ ISTQB/JSTQB certification

About Autify

Autify, Inc. is a start-up company founded in San Francisco by a team of engineers who were the first Japanese team to graduate from the top US accelerator Alchemist Accelerator. With the mission to increase creativity with the power of tech, we develop and provide Autify, an AI-based software test automation platform.