Senior Product Manager – Mercari



  • Drive product planning, designing, managing development and operation for Mercari

  • Identify and improve customer exit factors to create a long-term loved platform

  • keep an eye on current trends and the needs of users in order to propose, develop, and implement new features or plans.

  • Create specifications for realizing new business, new functions with engineer, designer and customer services

  • Own responsibility for product delivery and drive product development


Required Experience

  • 5 years + product management experience in Internet, Smartphone industry or equivalent experience

  • Experience of building services by collaboration with engineers, test engineers, infra engineers, designer and so on

  • Experience of creating specification to input product requirements to developers and test engineers

  • Leadership skill to drive people

  • Data-driven approach with the ability to leverage data to make decisions

  • Enough language skill in Japanese

  • Passion for Products

Preferred Experience

  • Basic knowledge of programming, database infrastructure, Microservices, AI and other engineering topics

  • Understand agile development method, and SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle)

  • Experience of design and build products though customer journey map, UX design and IA to create customer centric products

  • Experience of contributing in a prominent manner to the achievement of KPI goals

  • Data Analytical skill (SQL, BigQuery)

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience

Screening Criteria

  • Willing to “go bold” and ready to learn from their mistakes

  • Capable of thinking/moving of their own volition and willing to take initiative for the success of the team

  • Possessing a strong sense of ownership in regards to their work and willing to give their absolute best for every project they’re involved in

  *For details, please see this page.

Language Requirements

  • English: Business level

  • Japanese: Business level

About Mercari

Mercari is a Japan-based company with the mission of “creating value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell.” Having continuously worked toward this goal since our founding in 2013, we are now transforming from a startup into a global player. While this transformation brings its own specific set of challenges, we believe that solving them one after another will allow us to fully achieve our mission. Are you interested in working together to take on these exciting challenges?