Senior Software Engineer – Aptible


Job Description

Aptible’s platform as a service makes security and compliance accessible and visible to teams for which it was previously out of reach. As a Senior Software Engineer at Aptible, you’ll be developing features that ensure our product remains secure, stable, and easy to use so that our customers can easily deploy secure, compliant applications while focusing on what they do best: building their own products.


  • You’ll design, develop, test, deploy, and maintain features that make it easier for developers to deploy secure, compliant applications and databases without needing to manage any infrastructure.
  • You’ll be expected to frequently share your expertise and unique perspective with the team, helping us identify potential improvements earlier and make better decisions faster.
  • You’ll use your experiences as an engineer to help shape the future of Aptible by working with our product team to refine our roadmap and plan new features.
  • You’ll have autonomy and ownership over product features from start to finish.
  • You’ll be given the option to join our 24/7 on-call rotation (for additional compensation).


  • You have experience with a variety of programming languages. The best language to implement a core web API is unlikely to be the best language to implement a metrics collection agent, both of which you’re likely to work on.
  • Desire to Improve: You seek to understand why things are the way they are, and think about ways to make them better.
  • Desire to Learn: You seek and have the ability to learn the tools we use today, and the new tools we might use tomorrow. Knowledge of what we use today is a plus. Tools: Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Docker, AWS, Ember.js, Go
  • You’re comfortable interacting with, understanding, and troubleshooting unfamiliar software. When troubleshooting platform trouble or escalated customer issues, you’re likely to have to interact with software you’ve never seen before.
  • User-Focused: You are interested in building and evolving a platform with real users who depend on us for their core business.
  • Team Player: You provide clear, useful documentation to other engineers and enjoy working closely with team members.

About Aptible

Our Vision

We see a future where it’s easy to bring a great idea into the world using the internet while respecting data security and privacy. The next generation of businesses will design security and privacy into their operating processes. If every business is going to be a software business, every business will need to be a security business.
We’re working to make information security a core competency of every startup. We envision a world in which startups have access to great information security, are empowered to focus on their businesses instead of on compliance, can scale faster and more efficiently, and are confident that they’re creating quality products.

Our Team

We wrote the Aptible Owner’s Manual to help members of the company get a clear sense of what this team is — what we mean by “us.” We’ve now made this open to the world and invite you to read it, as a prospective member of the Aptible Team.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We prioritize diversity within our team and value different perspectives, educational backgrounds, and life experiences. We encourage people from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.