Senior Software Engineer – Relay Payments


Job Description

As a Senior Engineer at Relay, you’ll be responsible for building the next-generation payments network for an industry that has seen little innovation in the last 50 years. You’ll help drivers save hours each week by making transactions painless. You’ll help everyone in the transaction chain get visibility into spending, perform accurate accounting, and save money. You’ll build fast and reliable systems for an industry that keeps America running. You care about intuitive user experiences and the high availability of running systems.


  • 5+ years of software engineering experience.
  • Experience leading large projects/initiatives on a team.
  • Experience mentoring other engineers – leveraging pair programming, thoughtful feedback in code reviews, helping with problem/solution discovery.
  • You might have an affinity for the frontend or backend, but are comfortable working across the stack to deliver solutions end to end.
  • Experience building and consuming APIs.
  • You value automated testing and implementing good testing practices.
  • Experience architecting solutions to problems in a thoughtful way – limiting the number of technologies, ability to justify decisions, and can articulate tradeoffs well.

About Relay Payments

Relay Payments is a venture-backed startup, building a contactless payment network in the transportation and logistics industry. We’re working hard to ensure America continues running during COVID-19, and well beyond. Our mission drives everything we do! The transportation and logistics industry has continued to run on cash and industry-specific checks (similar to cashier’s checks) since the 1970s. Relay Payments is spearheading the modernization of payments, pushing the industry into the 21st century. We work with the largest Carriers, Freight Brokers, and 3PLs in the United States who care about their drivers to ensure that their products get to shelves quickly for consumer consumption.

We’re looking for ambitious team members who share our values and are ready to think bigger!