Senior Software Engineer – Ubie


Job Description

Product development of Ubie – AI Health Assistant products for Singapore/APAC


  • Experience developing web applications in a team

  • Knowledge and development experience of at least one of the following: Kotlin, Java, Ruby, TypeScript

  • Experience and knowledge of relational database management systems (RDBMS)

  • Proficient English

Preferred Skills

  • Experience developing and improving business-to-business products

  • Growth hacking knowledge or experience

  • Experience writing code in a fast-paced startup environment

  • Operational knowledge of Google Cloud Platform / Kubernetes, etc

  • Development experience with front end frameworks such as Vue/Nuxt, React, Angular, etc

  • Development experience with front end frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Spring Boot, etc

  • OSS contribution / developer community experience (GitHub, etc)

  • Experience developing products for overseas market

About Ubie

Ubie develops and operates products that support people involved in healthcare and those receiving healthcare with the mission of “To develop a healthcare guide for everyone”.

There are many challenges in the medical field today that hinder people from receiving medical care. For example, there is an excessive workload of healthcare professionals. There are uncertainties in the content of patient interviews and medical records due to the nature of the language, and this places a burden on the doctors who read and write them. In addition, the workload on the medical staff is enormous because a lot of manual documentation works are needed. These workloads are not only lowering the quality of life of medical staff but also leading to problems such as not being able to provide sufficient clinical education in the field, patients losing the opportunity to find the right treatment.