Software Engineer 2 – Microsoft


Job Description

The Bing Japan team needs strong engineers to apply the cutting edge of artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies to solve some challenging business problems for Bing and Microsoft. Specifically, the Bing Japan team works on query understanding, query rewriting, ranking, ads or whole page features to deliver the best results for Japanese customer searches.

Our team brings together capabilities in information retrieval, machine learning, user behavioral analysis, and metrics to improve search results, relying on a culture of experimentation and continuous learning. Our goal is to build an intelligent and global search engine that helps Japanese customers find what they are looking for faster and with confidence and trust.

In this role, you will collaborate with PMs, data scientists, Microsoft Research researchers, UX researchers, and other teams to identify areas of opportunity where ads relevance and performance could be improved. With ample scope for creativity, technical problem solving and collaboration skills, you will contribute to the growth of Bing and Microsoft in Japan.


– Design, build and implement scalable web applications using Azure technologies.
– Perform data analysis to understand user behavior and develop A/B experiments to measure the success of their features.

– Increase user engagement on Microsoft content websites

– Work with PMs and designers to prioritize features

– Use your Japanese language knowledge to identify gaps and opportunities


We are seeking gifted engineers who drive for results, are self-motivating, and have a propensity for action. Front-end and back-end engineers should fluently cross the language barriers of technologies and customers. We work with a very diverse team across many borders and boundaries so great interpersonal skills in English are a must. Our focus is on the Japanese market so a native speaker level of the Japanese language is also a must.


Minimum Qualifications

* BS degree in Computer Science or related technical field

* Experience in front-end and back-end development

* Excellent coding skills in Programming language such as C#, JavaScript, python.

* Creative problem solver, strong collaboration skills, desire to lead

* Great organizational, analytical, data science skills and intuition

* Japanese native or close to a native speaker who understands Japanese business manner when interacting with Japanese customers.


Preferred Qualifications

* Advanced technical degree such as MS or PhD

* A start-up mentality to move and iterate quickly and aren’t afraid to cross responsibility expectations by coding or designing mockups

* Experience with Web technologies, especially Azure.

* Big data analysis, A/B testing, and statistical inference knowledge

* Hands-on experience in working with cloud, big data, machine learning, data science, and large-scale distributed systems

About the Team

The Search and AI team is a diverse and inclusive team inside the AI and Research group looking for great engineering candidates to help us realize our vision of Intelligent Search for Japanese users! We believe great products are built by healthy teams of diverse, customer-obsessed individuals that trust each other.

If you are passionate about working on the latest and hottest areas that will help you develop skills in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, AI Experimentation, and Cloud Platforms, this is the team you’re looking for!