Software Engineer – Belong Inc.


Job Description

Belong Inc. is looking for software engineers who have expertise in the following areas.

Backend Specialist

  • Experienced in server side application development such as API
  • Experienced in Go, Java, or Python
  • Experienced in API design, Microservices

Frontend Specialist

  • Experienced in Web frontend development
  • Experienced in JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Next.js

Data Platform Specialist

  • Experienced in building DWH platform
  • Experienced in MySQL, BigQuery, and data analysis


  • Understand SRE methodologies and implement them.
  • Follow DevOps good practice and make CI/CD environment via CircleCI
  • Achieve IaC by Terraform for GCP


  • Design and develop software solutions
  • Manage, operate, and support production services can be up and running
  • Perform quality control such as code reviews, source control management, build processes, testing, and deploy
  • Behave as the owner of an application/system and lead design, development, and daily operation
  • Plan computing resources required for production deployment and client request volume
  • Engage with stakeholders such as product managers and users to collect requirements and plan improvement


  • Bachelor degree in computer science or similar technical field of study or equivalent practical experience
  • Computer science fundamentals in data structures, algorithm, problem-solving, and complexity analysis
  • Proficiency in, at least, one modern programming language such as Go, Python, Java, or JavaScript
  • Experience working with one or more from the following: web application development, microservice architecture, API based software
  • Experience working with public cloud
  • Understand SDLC, VCS, CI/CD

About Belong Inc.

We build an ecosystem of used mobile devices.