Sr. UX Designer – Amazon


Job Description

The Sr. UX Designer for Partner Support is committed to helping our Automotive partners build their integration in ways that align with brand and UX requirements. Designers in this role have consultative responsibilities and a greater focus on technical and production issues behind the design. They will work shoulder to shoulder with partners in the design of Alexa into their HMI, ensuring Alexa branding, product UX, and promotional collateral meet requirements while aligning with the partner’s business goals. Designers will need to be familiar with vehicle HMI and have experience curating a great UX from the numerous inputs and outputs vehicles offer (screen, voice, physical controls, HUD, haptics, actuation). This also requires the ability to build trusted relationships with several teams in partner orgs and internally at Amazon in order to push designs toward our quality bar. The role will need to be innovative will guide ambitious interaction solutions for which no paradigm currently exists, and proactive to create potential solutions for ambiguous areas. UX Designers will be part of a field team, working side by side with engineers and business development to drive in-vehicle solutions to launch.

As a member of a growing design team, you will also be responsible for helping prioritize the team’s work and magnifying the impact of the team’s output on Automotive partner engagements and other teams within Amazon.


· Produce user flows and wireframes that consider voice and GUI interactions
· Codify designs into well-written guidelines and requirements
· Confidently defend HMI Guidelines and rationale behind designed solutions in executive-level reviews
· Draw in depth of experience to initiate UX research and testing efforts as needed
· Conduct analyses of real usage data to inform partner support efforts
· Drive root cause analyses to respond to UX performance issues in a vehicle environment
· Speak authoritatively on UX concepts and Auto technology in daily iterations with partners, engineers, and other designers
· Start simple while not losing sight of the long-term vision
· Thrive in a nimble, start-up like environment
· Communicate clearly and think quickly

Basic Qualifications

· 6 years UX design experience
· 3+ years experience in human-machine interaction (HMI) design
· Fluent in English and German or Japanese
· Professional English writing skills
· User experience design experience including research data-driven analytics and a working understanding of speech and language technologies.
· Experience working cross-team and synthesizing feedback and input from product management, engineering, and marketing.
· Professional portfolio of voice design
· Bachelor’s Degree in Human Computer Interaction, Design, HMI, front-end Engineering, or a related field, or equivalent experience.

Preferred Qualifications

· Professional experience applying various safety standards (NHTSA, JAMA, ISO)
· Experience designing or prototyping with voice interfaces.
· Ability to analyze data and find usage patterns.
· Experience with both agile and waterfall development methods.
· Familiarity with designing mobile web, and/or on-device mobile applications.
· An informed set of core values regarding driver safety, user experience, and research
· Experience in a consulting role for digital or HMI products.
· Unwavering attention to detail with an acute awareness that everything counts.
· Relentless desire for innovation, balanced with business needs, and customer expectations.
· Experience presenting to and advising senior management.
· Experience writing compelling narratives and details design guidelines.

About Amazon – Alexa Auto

The Alexa Auto team is building voice-forward in-vehicle experiences that delight customers, increase safety, and bring the future of transportation to life. Our mission is to continue pushing the envelope in automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language understanding (NLU), and voice user interfaces (VUI) to provide the best possible end-user experience.