UI Designer – Mofmof Co., Ltd.


Job Description

We are looking for someone who can build a service that is easy for customers to use with the power of design.


■ It would like to ask in our company now, we have developed the “My-ope office” and “Toriders” as developed in-house business. These services are currently used by many people. However, I feel that there is still room for the question, “Is the service really easy for customers to use?”

We believe that it is necessary to make proposals and improvements from a design perspective in order to continue to be a service that is easier to use and necessary for customers. Therefore, we are looking for a designer who can grow our business together.

In addition to our own business, we would like you to be in charge of UI design work for services and applications related to new businesses in our business “development team rental” monthly contract development. (Although “development team rental” is called rental, it is not resident at all at the customer’s site, and all are developed in-house.)

If you like manufacturing and are good at solving problems from a design perspective in order to make the service easy for customers to use, we are looking forward to your application!

Those who are looking for multiple jobs to gain more strength in addition to their main business, and those who have little time to commit to child-rearing and long-term care are also welcome! (Please contact us regarding the number of working people and working hours!)


■ Required skills
・ UI design practical work using Sketch / Figma / Photoshop / Illustrator / XD, etc.
・ Work experience as a member of society

■ Welcome skills
・ Experience in creating designs and prototypes for smartphone apps and web apps using design tools ・Ability to draw out the thoughts of clients and incorporate them into designs ・Ability to carefully verbalize design intentions
・ Web services Front-end implementation experience
・ Practical work of graphic production using Photoshop / Illustrator etc.

■ Person who wants
・People who like manufacturing ・People who are good at communicating with others ・ People who can sympathize with mofmof’s vision and mission

About Mofmof

Mofmof Co., Ltd. is an IT venture company that currently has 80% of the members involved in so-called “manufacturing” such as engineers in Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku for the 6th term.