UX Designer – Wovn Technologies


Job Description

As a UX Designer, you will be responsible for the overall user experience of WOVN’s products. We are looking for someone who can design the user experience while involving internal and external stakeholders and understanding the issues and needs of the users.

Let’s work together in a multinational team where almost half of the employees are from overseas and come from over 20 different countries!


You will be mainly responsible for the overall user experience of WOVN’s products.

  • Design and conduct user surveys and document the analysis of the survey results.

  • Create customer journey maps and personas

  • Create user flows, information architecture, and wireframes

  • Expedite the user testing process

  • Install design thinking to other teams

Tools Used

  • Figma
  • Miro
  • lookback

Required Experience

  • High proficiency in Japanese. Reading and writing Kanji required

  • Experience in UX-related research, analysis, design, and scenario development

  • Definition of target users

  • Listening skills to elicit issues and requirements from the business side and clients

  • Effective oral and written communication skills, including creating and delivering presentations

  • Experience using design and prototyping tools such as Figma

*Please prepare your portfolio when you apply to this position

Welcome Experience

  • Experience working on UX design for an in-house product or service

  • Experience working on UX design for a start-up or venture company

  • Experience working as part of a Scrum team

  • Knowledge of HCD (Human-Centered Design) and Design Thinking

  • Experience using user interview tools and usability testing tools

  • Experience in workshop facilitation

  • Business level or higher English proficiency (English learning system is available, so this is not a requirement)

Who We Are Looking For

  • Someone who wants to design user experiences while eliciting issues and requirements from stakeholders.

  • Leadership, a sense of ownership, and a strong desire to succeed.

  • A broad interest in not only design but also business and trends.

  • A desire to grow and an intellectual curiosity

  • People who can work well in a team environment.
    *We are not considering hiring an outsourcer because we want a designer to be fully committed to our product UX design.

About Wovn Technologies

We provide a website localization service ”WOVN” to the users who want to provide their services in multiple languages. We strive to provide the simplest and most powerful solution to our users, without compromising on features. Quality and utility are of the utmost importance to us. This means providing a top-class experience for our users that is easy to use.

80% of our engineers are from abroad and they improve themselves by encouraging each other. We are looking for an engineer who is motivated for self-growth and for developing a product that will have a huge impact on society.