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We started with the Google Design Sprint method and are going into Beta testing. We are completing wave 7 of our design iterations following the Lean product methodology.

Our next experiment is building and testing our beta prototype for usability and value against our qualitative, quantitative and product market fit goals. We are looking for someone to work alongside 3 other developers and the designers. One developer is an old timer, the second is experienced, the third is getting into the field.

Ideally, you will help with Product discovery until Product delivery and until Product market fit.

Experience (junior, mid-level, etc.): Junior, Mid-level, Senior

Candidates can apply from: Everywhere

Visa sponsorship: Not available

Compensation: We primarily seek someone who identifies with our vision and mission and is willing to contribute their time in exchange for the opportunity to make a significant impact and reap the associated rewards if we are successful.


  • Ability to attend biweekly sprint planning meetings and weekly one-on-ones
  • Watch some of our past usability tests to get up to speed
  • Partake in and perform user research & usability tests and reviews following user research & usability tests. (We do these almost weekly and it is shared amongst the Product Designers and Product Manager)
  • Following User Research and Usability tests, come up with hypothesis about how the design prototype could be improved.
  • Make quick iterations in Plasmic to assist with testing the hypothesis
  • Be willing to share ideas and grow by exploring and reading about new and best practices in the industry
  • Work well in a team, be a team player and be self managing
  • Assist the team with Product discovery, Product delivery until Product market fit
  • Be fun, kind and all around great person to be with


  • Experience with React, JavaScript, Tailwind, Supabase, Next.js
  • Teaching experience and/or willingness to teach others is a definite plus
  • Python experience is an asset
  • Experience with Plasmic is an asset
  • Generalists are welcome.

The listed qualifications are mere approximations. If you don't really fit the requirements but are passionate, apply anyways

About the Company

We are Aihe, an ed-tech, early stage unfunded startup. Our vision is to enable a world where any learner can become an expert. We believe in the power of education and are mission driven to support teachers being excellent educators while also enjoying what they do outside the classroom.

We're currently working on a new solution to help reduce the time spent on marking tests and assessing students. Our goal is to assist instructors who are forced to mark and grade anywhere between 1,200 to 36,000 questions in the span of a week during their private time and outside paid hours. We want to create more time for teachers to focus on what they love, both inside and outside the classroom.

We have 2 products that we are getting use cases on and have a few others in the pipeline.