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Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

Department: AI Division

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will play a leading role in designing, building and maintaining our services/system. More specifically, you are expected collaborate with data scientists to deliver innovative AI technologies together and improve their productivity, as well as build and maintain historical and live data pipelines with a focus on quality and performance.

Attraction and Rewards

You will be working in the AI department, which is our core competency.

The AI department is a group of talented data scientists, 90% of whom are foreign nationals, and you will be able to take advantage of their expertise and English language skills.

You will be able to propose and implement our AI solutions, which have been well proven at major financial institutions.

The organization is very flat and you will be able to communicate easily with executives and managers.

We highly value career paths and ease of work. We are working on a global standard.


  • Contributing to design robust architecture for live production systems using data science and engineering knowledge
  • Building robust live production systems for new products
  • Manage software projects and run software development cycle with agile mindset
  • Monitor and troubleshoot technical issues that affect business operation
  • Contributing to DevOps of AlpacaTech products including improvement of existing products
  • Contributing to build the robust, low-latency production environment handling high frequency streaming data
  • Collaborating with the data scientists to improve their productivity: collect requirements, create roadmaps and build the data platform used for research
  • Building a scalable datalake and data pipelines with a focus on ease of use and clarity
  • Handling installation and maintenance of new data sources
  • Driving innovation by evaluating new technologies, original data sources and recent research papers that add value to our products
  • Collaborating with the team to iterate quickly on products and share knowledge
  • Propose ideas to improve the processes and practices within the team


Minimum Qualifications

  • A degree in Computer Science or related technical field
  • 5 years of relevant experience
  • Strong structural knowledge of computer science from low to high layer
  • Exposure to continuous integration implementations that utilize DevOps-style tools (such as Git, CircleCI, Docker etc.)
  • Familiar with good engineering practices such as code review, version control, agile development cycle

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with mentoring software engineers to allow for skill/knowledge development through advice, coaching, and training opportunities
  • Fluent with python stack: Numpy, Pandas, Flask
  • Knowledge of several programming languages: Golang, Rust, Java, etc
  • Experience handling streaming data and protocols
  • Previous experience in building data-centric products: Big Data, Search or Data Analytics platforms
  • Experience with containerized solutions: using docker-compose, kubernetes, mesos, etc
  • Experience with event streaming technology, such as Apache Kafka
  • Experience with cloud services: EC2, S3, SQS, Batch, Lambda, EKS, etc
  • Experience handling financial data: Forex, Stocks, ETFs... is appreciated but not required
  • Experience with ML packages/frameworks (sklearn, PyTorch, Tensorflow, Chainer, etc)
  • Experience with scaling data pipelines and programmatic ETL
  • Understanding of data management, data quality monitoring and metadata management
  • Familiar with test-driven development

Success Factors

  • Excellent team player with high integrity and a desire to help other team members succeed
  • Strong documentation, organization, and English skills - we love to write, read, and collaborate asynchronously
  • Loves to learn and is open-minded
  • Can see both the small-picture (detail oriented) and big-picture (how their work fits into and affects the company)
  • Open to and wants feedback, has a desire to always improve themselves and their results

About the Company

AlpacaTech is a technology company that develops investment management and trading solutions.

Working Hours

  • Regular working hours: 9:00-18:00
  • Flexible working hours is possible with supervisor's permission

Working Style

In line with the diversification of work styles, our members work both remotely and in the office in a well-balanced manner.

We place importance on life-work balance, so we are flexible to work both remotely and at the office.

Depending on the duties, we may ask you to come to the office, but in the past year our team has worked around 99% remotely by personal choice.

Weekend work is rare, discouraged, but occasionally necessary for critical systems.


  • Allowance: Remote work allowance, commuting allowance based on the number of days worked in the office, etc.
  • Social insurance: Health insurance, employee pension, unemployment insurance, and workers' compensation insurance available
  • Benefits: Learning platform "Coursera", etc.


  • Annual holidays: 120 days (Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)
  • Annual paid vacations: 10~20 days