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Embedded Systems Software Engineer

EN: basic
JP: business
Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

The mission of embedded systems software engineer concerns the on-board computer of our satellites throughout its whole life-cycle, which includes design, development, testing, and troubleshooting. Required Attitude for this role are as follows:

  • Goal Oriented and Result Driven
    • Aim for overall optimization, not only the code, or even the team, but the entire organization
    • Autonomy, ability to work from a technical specification or write your own
    • Emphasis on collaboration and teamwork
    • Share the knowledge: be a mentor for others and learn from others


  • Embedded software development, maintenance of components and systems
  • Programming applications, components drivers and interfaces in C, C++ etc.
  • Develop software based on satellite system specifications and other satellite component specifications
  • Document design information
  • Perform design reviews and code reviews
  • Design and perform various tests
  • Work closely with other engineering teams, partners and vendors to ensure interoperability / reusability
  • Promotes co-debug and interface testing with related subsystems
  • Work with hardware designers to solve any issues
  • Gives support and troubleshoots problems during satellites initial and nominal operation
  • If possible, perform FPGA integration by HDL or IDEs


  • College or university graduation qualifications related to electrical, computer science, control engineering, mechatronics and other engineering.
  • Technical Skills
    • Deep understanding of common hardware: micro-controller, UART/SPI/I2C, RTC, etc.
    • Proficiency in C and/or C++
    • Comfortable with command line tools (i.e., bash, git, gdb, etc.)
    • Language Skills (one of the following):
      • Business English or
      • Basic English and Business Japanese

About the Company

Axelspace is a pioneer of micro-satellites technology with the vision "Space within Your Reach". We have developed and operated 9 satellites so far, and we will launch 4 more satellites named "GRUS" in 2022. We are creating a new future for space utilization as an international team from more than 10 countries.

We provide 1) Earth Observation Platform "AxelGlobe" with 5-satellite constellation and 2) Dedicated Satellite Business. AxelGlobe captures anywhere on Earth once in a few days at the moment, which will become capable of monitoring everyday once we launch four additional satellites in 2022. Dedicated Satellite Business is a service to make private satellites for customers, meeting their own needs.