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C# Rust Software Engineer

BoostDraft Tokyo | Remote
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Employment Type
Full time


  • Design and implement classes and methods for IDE for documents
  • Refactor existing code for better extensibility
  • Interview with our users to understand their daily work and pain points
  • Encounter skills

Examples of technical challenges we are solving

  • Performance improvement using both partial analysis and full analysis
  • Synchronization between user inputted text and on-memory text
  • Cache efficiency to increase the performance of highlight during/after user input
  • Security preserving Natural Language Processing, such as Federated Learning

About the Company

BoostDraft is developing the assisted document editor for non-engineers, importing the concept of IDE for software engineers. It is founded in 2021 by grad students at MIT and Stanford. We heavily focus on Product development. While we rely on word of mouth and referrals rather than marketing, we have already obtained 4,000+ paid users within a year.

Attractiveness of BoostDraft

  • A lot of opportunities for extending our software : like VS Code, we have a lot of oppotunities in adjacent area, such as Version management, Comparison, Extension, integration with other software
  • R&D for new technology: Heavily focus on research for knolwedge extraction leveraging data from users
  • Engineering first: The CEO is also a software engineer and over 90% of members are software engineers
  • Rapid organic growth : 300% revenue growth, profitable, without outside investment. All revenue is coming from referrals by users, no marketing

Background & Traction

We are currently focusing on Lawyers who draft relatively standardized but long documents, such as contracts. With only one year after our product launch, we already have 4,000~ active users. We have several long-term, large-scale contract with famed enterprises and law firms. As a result, we have been highly profitable from Day 1 and experiences exponential growth without outside funding at all.

BoostDraft was accepted by prestigious accelerator program, MassChallenge (Top 30 US accelerator), StartX (Stanford Accelerator, 7% acceptance rate), MIT Sandbox (Accelerator of Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Our company is engineering-first company. 90% of our team members are software engineers and we put importance on quality over quantity. Our team members have over 8 years experience of Software Engineering in Microsoft, IBM, HTC, Yahoo!, and R&D in NTT. Our CEO, Yohei, has an extensive experience in both Software Engineering and Business management, and has built engineering-first organization.