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Software Engineer (C# / Rust)

BoostDraft Remote
EN: fluent
JP: none
Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

C# or/and Rust software engineering position in a highly-growing startup, developing a document IDE for non-engineers.

Join our Engineering-First Team

At BoostDraft, we prioritize quality over quantity. As an engineering-first company. Around 90% of our team members are software engineers with extensive experiences from companies such as Microsoft, IBM, HTC, Yahoo!, and R&D in NTT. Our CEO, Yohei, who has proven experience in both Software Engineering and Business management, and has built an organization that values and empowers software engineers.

Technical Challenges We Solve

  • Performance improvement using both partial analysis and full analysis
  • Synchronization between user input and on-memory text
  • Cache efficiency to increase highlight performance t during/after user input
  • Security preserving Natural Language Processing, such as Federated Learning


What’s your challenge

As a C# Software Engineer at BoostDraft, you will be tackling challenging technical problems, including:

  • Design and implement classes and methods for IDE for documents
  • Refactor existing code for better extensibility
  • Interview with our users to understand their daily work and pain points
  • Propose both innovative ideas and feasible ideas to achieve unprecedented features



  • Interested in developing novel document editors
  • Fluent in coding with either C#, C++, Java or Rust
  • Believe in beauty of writing clean, efficient code
  • Have experience with Github
  • Understand the concept of CI/CD
  • Master's degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science or related field
  • Fluent in English communication

About the Company

BoostDraft is a software engineering company that develops IDE for documents. It was founded by MIT and Stanford grad students, developing an assisted document editor for documents. It is a new document editor that employs error checking, reference checking and auto-completion using both rule-based approach and NLP, like what coding editors/IDE (e.g. VSCode, Pycharm) do.

Please find more information here:

Background & Traction

We are currently focusing on Lawyers who draft relatively standardized but long documents, such as contracts. With only one year after our product launch, we already have more than 7,000 active paid users. We have several long-term, large-scale contracts with famed enterprises and law firms. As a result, we have been highly profitable from Day 1 and experienced exponential growth without outside funding at all.

BoostDraft was accepted by prestigious accelerator program, MassChallenge (Top 30 US accelerator), StartX (Stanford Accelerator, 7% acceptance rate), MIT Sandbox (Accelerator of Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Join a company that values innovation, research, and organic growth.

At BoostDraft, we offer:

  • Extensive Opportunities for extending our software : Similar to VS Code, our software has multiple opportunities in adjacent area, such as Version management, Comparison, Extension, and integration with other software
  • Focus on R&D for new technology: We heavily focus on research for knowledge extraction leveraging user data
  • An Engineering-first approach: The CEO is also a software engineer and over 90% of members are software engineers. We believe in empowering our engineers and providing them with the resources they need to succeed
  • Rapid organic growth : We have experienced 300% revenue growth, are profitable, and have achieved this without outside investment. All of our revenue is coming from referrals by users, no marketing efforts

Employment Type

  • Full-time employee
  • Trial period (6 months)

Working hours/vacations

  • Flexible working hours (standard working hours: 8 hours per day, core hours: 11:30 - 15:00)
  • Overtime: approximately 10 hours per month
  • 2 days off per week (Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays) and December 30 to January 3
  • Year-end and New Year vacations, paid vacations, sick leave, maternity leave, and nursing care leave

Salary level

  • High salary level for a startup
  • Combination with stock option grants is possible.

Work Location

  • Full remote location

Other Benefits

  • Full social insurance
  • Language subsidy system
  • Discount coupons for babysitting available


C#・Rustソフトウェアエンジニアとして、支援機能付きドキュメントエディタの開発を行っていただきます。 コンセプトは、ドキュメントのフォーマット調整やインデント調整等の付加価値の小さい作業を自動化し、文書コンテンツの作成に注力できるようにするドキュメントエディタです。Software engineerの人がVSCode等のIDEを利用することで、コード作成に注力し、フォーマッティング等を自動化しているところから着想を得ています。


C# ソフトウェアエンジニアとして、以下の技術的課題を解決いただきます:

  • C#、一部Rustを活用したクラス・インターフェース設計および実装
  • 拡張性を高めるための既存コードの再設計
  • ユニットテスト記述
  • 効果的なアルゴリズムの開発
  • チームメンバーが開発したコードのレビュー
  • 全体アーキテクチャ設計・技術選定
  • 顧客インタビューを通じた機能の詳細化
  • 新たな機能を実装するための革新的かつ実現可能なアイディアの提案
  • 心理的安全性の高い環境の構築


  • 機能の優先順位付け
  • エンジニアの採用
  • チームメンバーへの指導・メンタリング



  • C#あるいはC++、Rust、Javaによる開発経験(C#は初めてでも問題ありません)
  • Githubを使ったチームでの開発・コードレビュー経験
  • CI/CDのコンセプト理解
  • 心理的安全性の高い環境を作る力
  • 自身の考えを簡潔に伝えるコミュニケーション力
  • 多様性に対する理解


  • 5人以上のエンジニアリングチームでの開発経験
  • 担当範囲内外の改善点を積極的に提案する力
  • ユーザー目線と技術目線の両方を理解するスキル
  • 英語ビジネスレベル(読み書き)


弊社はVS CodeやIntelli J等のIDEのコンセプトを法務文書領域に適用した、支援機能付きドキュメントエディタの開発を行っております。




権威のあるアクセラレータープログラムである、MassChallenge (米国トップ30アクセラレータ)、StartX (スタンフォードアクセラレータ、採択率7%)、MIT Sandbox (マサチューセッツ工科大学アクセラレータ)に受け入れられてきた実績があります。