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Employment Type
Full time

Job Description 

We're hiring a DevOps engineer to work with our small, full-stack team to build the infrastructure and processes underlying our software. Our products test, monitor, and improve the reliability of machine learning systems, so it’s important that our software is reliable as well! This job has a minimum experience requirement of mid-level experience or above.


You’ll be our first dedicated DevOps hire, and will be responsible for leading our DevOps efforts to build, solidify, and scale our infrastructure and processes. Some concrete projects may include: managing our multi-cloud deployments (mostly GCP, but also AWS and Azure for enterprise-tier customers), helping us get our ISO 27001 certification, and improving our monitoring and logging systems. Some technologies we use are: Docker, Docker Compose, Ansible, GitHub Actions, GCP (GCE, GCR, GCS, Cloud SQL), Vanta (ISO 27001). Our backend is primarily in Python, and uses PostgreSQL, Redis, RQ, Gunicorn, Flask, TensorFlow Extended, Pytest, and many Python ML libraries. No ML expertise is required for this role, though we hope you’re interested to dive deep into the emerging space of MLOps / trustworthy ML / responsible AI. As an early employee, you’ll own a significant equity stake in addition to your base salary.


Our company, technology, and market are new and changing rapidly, so a large part of the job is to adapt and learn new things. We value learning fast over pre-existing knowledge (“slope is more important than y-intercept”). You should have at least 3 years of DevOps or backend experience. We don’t require past experience with specific programming languages or frameworks. English is required, Japanese is optional. We prioritize candidates in Tokyo, but may consider remote for exceptional candidates. Nice-to-have: you’re familiar with ISO 27001/SOC 2 certifications, you can work full-stack, you've worked at a startup before, or you have experience with production machine learning.

About the Company 

Work Style 

Remote Work 

Citadel AI requires one-day of in-office work per week. Their remote policy after COVID-19 is still under consideration. Citadel AI prioritizes candidates in Tokyo, but may consider allowing remote work for exceptional candidates.


Primary Language

Citadel AI uses English as their primary language.

Japanese Language Policy

Citadel AI communicates in English internally. Japanese skills are not required.

Relocation Support

Sponsors work visas for both candidates living outside and inside of Japan.

Perks and Benefits

💹 Employee stock ownership plan

💻 New tech gear

👩‍🎓 Skill development support

🏠 Remote work allowance

💛 Support for attending conferences

💜 Seminar participation support

📕 Book purchases

👩‍🏫 Language Learning Support (Language courses)

💟 Complete health and social insurance