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Full Stack Engineer

Deeper Japan Tokyo | Remote
EN: none
JP: none
US $20-45 per hour
Employment Type

Job Description

You will rebuild Deeper Japan with modern technologies for future expansion. Currently, the service is based on no-code SaaS. It’s been helpful as MVP but now we need to have more flexible control.

We don’t expect any user experience on the day of the tour for both customers and merchants. The current expectation is to improve the pre-tour process like scheduling and the reservation, and to build a foundation with having more control without using no-code services.


Required Skills

  • Web front-end engineering skills with a framework with SSR capability like Next.js

- The choice of the framework can be flexible

  • Back-end engineering skills with a common programming language and environment such as Node.js, golang or python

- At this moment, we don’t expect the back-end to be huge. We assume it’ll be up to several thousand lines

Preferred Skills

  • Basic knowledge and experiences in hosting of the front-end and back-end using a cloud provider such as Vercel, Cloudflare Worker, AWS App Runner or GCP Cloud Run
  • UI design skill using a tool like Figma

About the Company

Deeper Japan connects travelers to local people and hidden places in Japan through intimate artisanal experiences.

Work Location and Hours

  • Remote (Meetings can be done in our office in Tokyo when needed.)
  • The engagement is under a business commission contract.
  • Work hours can range from approximately 10 hours per week to full-time, and this is negotiable.


  • Compensation will be determined based on technical expertise.
  • Estimated hourly rates range from 20 to 45 USD.