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EN: fluent
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4,000 JPY/hour (including tax)
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This position has been filled. Thank you for your interest.

The purpose of the project is to research and design 4 scenarios of the future from the perspective of how humans will consume food and how to strengthen the positioning of the client as an industry leader in the next future.

Phases of the Project

Stage 0 | Workshop (Goal alignment, timeframe and objective definition)

Stage 1 | Integration (Knowledge Transfer, Signal Scanning)

Stage 2 | Discovery (Secondary Research, Primary Research) In Scope

Stage 3 | Validation (Signal and Research Validation, Expert Insights)

Stage 4 | Speculative Design (Ideation, Scenario Building)

Stage 5 | Refinement (Risks & Opportunities, Narrative Refining, Presentation Development)

Experience (junior, mid-level, etc.): Mid-level

Candidates can apply from: Japan only

Visa sponsorship: Not available


This is the list of the macro responsibilities. Under the guidance of the FF team, proactivity is required from the collaborator. The collaborator will work closely with the FF team

  • Attend bi-weekly meetings with the client, and take notes during the meetings. When it’s needed, create client presentations to communicate the findings, conclusions, and recommendations based on the insights gathered.
  • Attend stand-up meetings with the Research and Design team during the project Starting from the data, insights and trends highlighted during the qualitative and quantitative research develop future scenarios based on the insights gathered and present them to the project team
  • Collaborate with the Design Lead to design and facilitate max 2 workshops to further develop and refine the scenarios
  • Prepare a final detailed report highlighting the findings, conclusions, risks and opportunities and recommendations based on the previous phases and activities of the project




Japanese (Native)

About the Company

In November 2019, Future Food kick-started the “Future Food Kyobashi Living Lab”, incorporating a variety of multi-use spaces in Kyobashi, with the aim of accelerating activities in educational programs to raise awareness and enhance knowledge related to the future of food; creation of a community platform to ignite “future food” innovation; and scouting and nurturing individuals who will inspire and drive the future innovation of food.

Future Food Living Labs are physical spaces where experiences, traditions, and science beautifully converge to build the future. Spaces where most of Future Food’s magic work happens, where people convene and prototypes are created and tested. The Kyobashi Living Lab is a one-of-a-kind urban destination stimulating critical thinking around contemporary food issues and innovation, and encouraging the next generation of food shapers to step up and lead.

Food is life, energy, and nourishment. But it is also love, family, celebration, experiences, inclusion, community, traditions, culture, identity, rituals, and values. Food has the power to connect and unite us but today, eating requires consciousness and awareness.

This is why Future Food Institute exists. We have built an ecosystem, composed of a soul dedicated to creating new models and mindsets by strengthening research projects, promoting training programs, and spreading knowledge that feeds innovative projects capable of generating positive impacts on the health of humans and the planet.

At Future Food, our efforts are driven by our central mantra “Be the Change”.

The Future Food team is multi-cultural, multi-generational, multi-ethnic, and composed of skills and backgrounds from different contexts: innovators and startuppers, academics and researchers, entrepreneurs, local and international public institutions, and executives from big business. It is through this confluence of diverse perspectives, coupled with the shared commitment to our fundamental values that enables us to make an exponential positive change to sustainably improve life on earth.