Jobs / Junior Project Manager
EN: fluent
JP: fluent
250,000 JPY per month
Employment Type
Full time

Job Description 

The main goal of this position is to make sure things run smoothly inside the organization. An outstanding Project Manager should be able to maintain oversight of all project activities, identify any issues, notify it to the supervisor and ensure these are resolved promptly.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing projects within the decided-upon budget, timeline, and scope. They will also effectively monitor and present project updates to relevant stakeholders, clients, or project team members.

Experience (junior, mid-level, etc.): Junior

Candidates can apply from: Japan only

Visa sponsorship: None


  • Set up, manage, and monitor large project goals and milestones
  • Project/events design and management: contributing to the development of projects/events as well as supporting the coordination and execution of them.
  • Business development: following up on new collaboration opportunities, drafting proposals and presentations for potential clients. Proactively looking for grant or event opportunities to be part of, participate in events and networking meeting. Attending meetings with the current partners and clients.
  • Internal communication: organising documents in Google Drive to facilitate internal communication, maintaining project documents and reports updated and at their place, constantly update Notion, keeping track of KPIs, aligning the other members of the ecosystem on the latest developments on the FFJ activities.
  • Translations English – Japanese, when required, providing accurate translations and guaranteeing that all the documents and the contents we’ll share have an appropriate language and tone of voice.
  • Working as a bridge between the Future Food Ecosystem and Future Food Japan

The listed qualifications are mere approximations. If you don't really fit the requirements but are passionate, apply anyways

About the Company 

Food is life, energy, and nourishment. But it is also love, family, celebration, experiences, inclusion, community, traditions, culture, identity, rituals, and values. Food has the power to connect and unite us but today, eating requires consciousness and awareness.

This is why Future Food Institute exists. We have built an ecosystem, composed of a soul dedicated to creating new models and mindsets by strengthening research projects, promoting training programs, and spreading knowledge that feeds innovative projects capable of generating positive impacts on the health of humans and the planet.

In November 2019, Future Food kick-started the “Future Food Kyobashi Living Lab”, incorporating a variety of multi-use spaces in Kyobashi, with the aim of accelerating activities in educational programs to raise awareness and enhance knowledge related to the future of food; creation of a community platform to ignite “future food” innovation; and scouting and nurturing individuals who will inspire and drive the future innovation of food.

Our team is dedicated to supporting new members. We have a broad mix of experience levels and tenures, and we’re building an environment that celebrates knowledge sharing and mentorship. We care about your career growth and strive to assign activities based on what will help each team member develop into a better-rounded professional and enable them to take on more complex tasks in the future.

Thanks to a highly distributed and flexible FF network, we will allow you to learn and share your thoughts with great international and local thinkers.

Other Benefits

  • Attend Japanese and International Educational Program
  • Attend Intern