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Concept Artist

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JP: fluent
Employment Type
Full time




  • は多数のヒット作品を有し充実した財務基盤をもとに自社IP育成やグローバル展開に力を入れており、刺激的な環境で腰を据えてゲーム開発に取り組むことができます。
  • 自社IPタイトル、人気アニメIPタイトル、アクション、RPGなど様々なジャンルのプロジェクトに関わるチャンスがあります。
  • ファンとの対話を重視しており、日々プレイヤーの生の声に触れゲームづくりに反映させることができます。
  • スマートフォンゲームだけでなく、PC、PlayStation4/PlayStation5、Nintendo Switchなど様々なプラットフォームのゲーム開発に関わるチャンスがあります。
  • CEDEC等の開発者向けカンファレンス登壇など、社外への情報発信やスタッフの露出を積極的に行っています。
  • 誰もが知るヒットタイトルクリエイターなど優秀なスタッフが多く在籍しており切磋琢磨しながら成長できます。


  • ゲームの世界観構築の一翼を担う
  • ゲームの売りとなるビジュアルの制作
  • ゲームのキーとなるキャラクター、背景、アイテム、舞台、演出の制作



  • ゲーム、映画、舞台、アトラクションなどエンターテイメント業界でのコンセプトデザイン経験
  • グラフィック系ソフトに熟練していること


  • ヒットが出ても出なくてもめげずに挑戦し続けられる方
  • 面白いゲームを作りプレイヤーに届けるため真摯に努力できる方
  • チームワークを重視し、他メンバーを活かす働き方ができる方



  • 45時間分の時間外手当相当額を含み支給。※超過分支給有


  • 年2回(2月·8月)
  • 経験、業績、能力、貢献に応じ同社規定により決定。


  • 年2回(2月·8月)
  • 会社業績、個人業績等によって決定。


  • あり(3ヶ月)


  • 09:30~18:30(実働8時間)



  • 完全週休2日制(土·日)、祝祭日、年次有給休暇(入社3カ月後に10日間付与)、夏季休暇、年末年始休暇、慶弔休暇、ファミリー休暇等

Job Description

As a concept artist for a new game development company, you will play an active role in the creation of visuals that will be the selling point of the newly developed title.

What Makes This Job Attractive

  • With a large number of hit titles and a solid financial base, we are focusing on developing our own IP and global expansion
  • We have a variety of opportunities to be involved in projects of various genres, including our own IP titles, popular animation IP titles, action games, and RPGs
  • We place a high priority on dialogue with fans, so you will be able to hear the voices of players on a daily basis and reflect them in the creation of our games
  • You will have a chance to be involved in game development not only for smartphone games, but also for various platforms such as PC, PlayStation4/PlayStation5, and Nintendo Switch
  • We actively promote information dissemination outside the company and expose our staff by having them speak at conferences for developers such as CEDEC
  • We have many talented staff members, including creators of well-known hit titles, who can grow and develop through friendly competition


  • Play a role in the creation of the game's worldview
  • Create the visuals that will be the selling point of the game
  • Create the key characters, backgrounds, items, stages, and direction of the game


  • Experience in concept design in the entertainment industry, such as games, movies, stage, attractions, etc.
  • Proficiency in graphics software

Who We Are Looking For

  • Those who can continue to challenge themselves whether they have a hit or not
  • Those who can make a sincere effort to create interesting games and deliver them to players
  • Those who value teamwork and can work in a way that makes the best use of other team members

About the Company

Monthly Salary System

  • Includes overtime allowance equivalent to 45 hours. Excess amount will be paid.

Salary Revision

  • Twice a year (February and August)
  • To be determined in accordance with the company's regulations based on experience, performance, ability, and contribution


  • Twice a year (February and August)
  • Determined by company performance, individual performance, etc

Trial Period

  • Yes (3 months)

Working Hours

  • 09:30-18:30 (8 hours actual work)

*For discretionary work (specialized/planning), the above hours are the standard and left to the worker.

Holiday Vacation

  • 2 days off per week (Sat. and Sun.), national holidays, annual paid leave (10 days granted after 3 months of employment), summer vacation, year-end and New Year vacation, congratulation or condolence leave, family leave, etc.