Jobs / UX Designer
EN: none
JP: fluent
Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

We are looking for a UX Designer who can contribute to improving the user experience of IT products, services, and systems.

Every day we receive inquiries from a variety of industries, mainly related to the promotion of DX, and we need to not only digitize systems, but also design them to be easy to use for the people who use them.

The UX designer will create an execution plan for user research and prototyping, and work with members of the client as well as domestic and international members of the team to discover and solve common problems.

We are looking for people who want to take on the challenge of creating IT products, services, and systems that users demand by leveraging the individual abilities of the team.

Opportunities to Gain

  • Opportunities to learn and utilize human-centered design and design thinking
  • Opportunities to work with clients to achieve results
  • Opportunity to consult with clients and develop a design program (plan) on how to proceed
  • Opportunity to prepare a preliminary schedule and estimate, and present it to the client
  • Opportunity to lead the implementation of the design program
  • Opportunity to plan and conduct user research, facilitate analysis workshops, and work with client members to identify user requirements
  • Opportunity to create To-Be scenarios based on user requirements, create wireframes using tools such as Figma and Sketch, and build mockups using tools such as Invision and Prott
  • The mockups will be used to plan and execute the evaluation by the users
  • Opportunity to practice information design for the development of IT products and systems

What You Can Grow

  • The ability to acquire practical skills in a short to medium period of time is an attractive feature
  • The wide range of industries that we receive projects from allows us to gain the ability to carefully assess and co-create what we can do based on the culture of the client company, the mission of the person in charge, and the ideas of the stakeholders in that industry each time
  • Each project is like sailing out to sea with your team members. By taking the lead as a guide, you will acquire the ability to move forward while changing the course of the project.
  • The ability to design information for system development and hand over the specifications to the development team and give shape to them
  • The ability to communicate with domestic PMs, architects, and overseas implementation engineers, and acquire "the ability to be directly involved in the development process" without being idealistic
  • In Japan, there are about 40 designers including A.C.O., a group company, and you can learn about UX, UI, and brand development from basic methods to practical results
  • You can communicate directly with designers in Singapore, China, London, Denmark, Dubai, New York, etc. via Slack



  • Experience in user research, qualitative research analysis, prototyping, and user testing
  • Experience in creating wireframes for websites and apps using Figma, Sketch, XD, etc.

Welcome Requirements

  • Experience in human-centered design
  • Experience working as a web director
  • Experience in UI design
  • Experience in app or system development
  • Experience in facilitation practice