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Computer Vision Engineer

Kisui Tech Kashiwa City
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Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

Who We Are Looking For

  • Creative, flexible, and positive attitude
  • Independent, can work without much structure, in an environment that is different every day but also a good communicator and good at teamwork
  • Enjoys the speed of a startup, creating things from the ground up, building order
  • Want to make a difference, learn by doing and do not give up


  • Work with farmers all across Japan
  • Work with a diverse team on a project that incorporates all aspects of robotics including software, hardware and graphic interface


  • Look into recent research in computer vision or image processing that could be applied to our AI robots
  • Development and implementation of algorithms above
  • Development of novel algorithms
  • Everything from concept, architecture search, to gathering data, to labeling, training, and deployment for our AI robots
  • Create custom models to fit needs of rover such as computational burden, accuracy, classes for tasks such as identifying obstacles and traversable terrain, mapping
  • Classification algorithms for diseases and insects, and time series analysis


  • Skillset: Computer vision, deep learning, semantic segmentation, classification tasks
  • Graduating/ Graduated Computer science or relevant faculty in BS, MSc or Ph.D. BS or MS with computer vision experience or Ph.D. in Computer Vision related topics
  • The ability to develop applications and tools in Python and/or C++
  • Technical communication skills in English (reading and writing)
  • Familiarity with modern models and data-sets
  • Experience programming on GPU (e.g. CUDA)
  • Tensorflow or similar, and common neural network architectures such as YOLO git


  • Master’s degree or Ph.D.
  • Prior work experience related to computer vision or robotics
  • Experience of machine learning model compression
  • ROS1/2
  • Embedded systems

About the Company

Kisui Tech is a VC backed Tohoku/Chiba University startup creating AI robotic services that empower small-medium-sized family farmers to manage larger farms with fewer people in order to overcome the labor shortage and aging society by providing machines that can do work without needing a human operator.