Jobs / Project Manager
EN: none
JP: none
450,207 JPY on average (est)
Employment Type
Full time


  • Schedule management, etc.



  • People who like to work in a team and are cooperative

Desirable Experiences (Not Mandatory)

  • Experience in using project management software (JIRA, Hansoft, etc.)

Documents to Be Submitted

  • Resume (with photo)
  • Work history
  • Please specify all game titles you have been involved with in the past and the details of your duties while working on them. 
  • If there are any game engines that you have used during game production, please specify the type of engine it was and what functions of the engine (tool) were used. 
  • In addition, please specify software (Photoshop, Maya, etc.) that seem to be related to game production, the number of years you have used them, and the typical contents you have produced with them. 
  • Please briefly specify the titles of two of the most recent games you played and why you played them. 
  • Also, if you have projects that can appeal to your skills and contribute to game production, please specify them.


  • Please exclude information about confidential matters before submitting. 

About the Company

Kojima Productions, based in Tokyo, Japan, is an independent studio helmed by acclaimed game creator and visionary Hideo Kojima.

Our mission is to be the first to surprise and delight customers with new, innovative and unique AAA entertainment experiences of the highest quality.

Comprised of industry veterans and top tier talent, our multi-national team of highly motivated creators collaborate in an open environment to push the latest technology and their creative impulses to the forefront of entertainment.

The studio released DEATH STRANDING for the PlayStation®4 in 2019, and for the PC in 2020.

How to Apply

  • Click on the “Apply” button on this page and submit the required documents.
  • If the file size is too large, please use a cloud storage service or video sharing service and send us the link.
  • You are responsible for making necessary arrangements for any access restriction or limitation settings.
  • You are responsible for any charges or fees that may incur during your application process.


Minato Ward (nearest station: JR Shinagawa)

Work Hours



Annual salary system, performance incentive system available

We will give preferential treatment according to our regulations, in consideration of experience, ability, etc.


Reimbursement for transportation expenses (within the income tax exemption limit), various social insurances (health insurance/employees' pension insurance/employment insurance/workers' compensation insurance), wage revision once a year, training available on the job


Two days a week (Saturday and Sunday) and national holidays, summer holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, paid holidays, special holidays for weddings and funerals.