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EN: conversational
JP: conversational
Employment Type
Full time


Work Responsibilities

1. Analysis to formulate overall company policy/business strategy

  • Conduct cross-sectional analyses to provide advice on overall company policy
  • Help establish and visualize business simulations, metrics, and objective targets
  • Help construct and implement growth strategies
  • Conduct quantitative analyses of events which have major business impact in order to propose guidelines

2. Analysis to improve user experience

  • Utilize quantitative/qualitative data to discover user issues
  • Propose initiatives to solve issues, based on analysis of behavioral logs
  • Conduct simulations of initiatives prior to implementation, to determine impact and assign priority
  • Design success metrics and establish testing plans
  • Measure impact of initiatives and derive insight

Bold Challenges

  • Vision
    • Be the brain that drives the growth of Mercari
  • Mission
    • Provide actionable insights and help people make better decisions
    • Democratize data and empower everyone with analytics
  • Environment
    • Data usage at Mercari: Mercari’s company culture focuses on data-driven decision making and unbiased, fact-based discussion, regardless of individuals’ specific roles and duties.
    • Technical foundation and data platform: Mercari is used by over 17 million users a month, generating thousands of transactions per day. You will have the opportunity to work daily on analysis using transaction data and user behavior logs.
    • Analytics Team: The Analytics Team’s diverse talent—from managers and team heads to those hailing from strategy consultant firms or research companies, former PdMs, and engineers—hold open discussions to develop proposals.
    • Fields: You will be involved in analyzing a wide range of fields: marketing, new business, logistics, CRM, products, planning, customer support, etc. There are still many areas internally which could benefit from data usage, and together, we can develop new areas for analysis.
  • Success Stories
    • The Analytics Team conducted a quantitative analysis of changes to the business environment which would have a major impact on business. They were able to use this analysis to explain how our service would be impacted and propose countermeasures to the upper management.
    • The Analytics Team proposed a policy to advance the growth of Mercari Group, helping to establish numeric targets for the entire group.
    • The Analytics Team helped ensure service quality by establishing guidelines for quantitative assessment of product quality and incorporating this into the release process.


Required Experience

  • Shared belief in Mercari’s mission and values
  • 5+ years experience working on data analysis
  • Able to aggregate data using SQL
  • Basic understanding of statistics
  • Experience working with product managers and designers to improve a service
  • Ability to proactively propose improvements to our products based on a deep understanding of Mercari products

Preferred Experience

  • Experience using mass user data (particularly C2C marketplace data) in data analysis
  • Experience in analysis to measure impact of online and offline advertising
  • Experience in project management and team management
  • Experience in hypothesis testing flows that involve designing and executing A/B tests
  • Experience in practical application of statistical analyses conducted via Python, R, etc. (hypothesis testing, regression analysis, causal inference)
  • Experience analyzing search and recommendation engines
  • Knowledge regarding the product development cycle

Screening Criteria

  • Able to establish hypotheses tailored to specific issues and consider these hypotheses logically
  • Able to explain expert opinions in layman’s terms
  • Able to think about issues facing the service from a user perspective
  • Able to focus on business impact when solving issues
  • Able to understand the company’s mission and values
  • Able to explain their reason for choosing Mercari and where they would like their career to go next

Technical Assessment Criteria

  • Able to test qualitative hypotheses by converting them into quantitative metrics
  • Able to write appropriate SQL queries to extract/aggregate data
  • Able to explain aggregate results and thought process in a manner which is easy to understand

Language Requirements

  • English: Independent (CEFR - B2) preferred
  • Japanese: Independent (CEFR - B2)

About the Company

Circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people

"What can I do to help society thrive with the finite resources we have?" The Mercari marketplace app was born in 2013 out of this thought by our founder Shintaro Yamada as he traveled the world. We believe that by circulating all forms of value, not just physical things and money, we can create opportunities for anyone to realize their dreams and contribute to society and the people around them. Mercari aims to use technology to connect people all over the world and create a world where anyone can unleash their potential. 

Equal Opportunity Hiring

Here at Mercari, we work to realize a world in which no one’s potential is limited by their background and everyone has the opportunity to freely create value. We also firmly believe that a mindset of Diversity & Inclusion is essential for us to achieve our mission.

This, of course, extends to our hiring practices as well. Mercari is committed to eliminating discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, physical disability, and other such factors so that anyone who shares our mission and values can join us, regardless of their background. For more details, please read our D&I Statement.

Employment Status

  • Full-time
  • Probationary period: First 3 months after joining the company. (During this period your contract conditions will be the same as that of a permanent employee.)


  • Roppongi
  • Smoking is prohibited within our offices
  • Mercari has introduced a work style policy called “Your Choice.” Each member is free to choose whether they want to work in the office or work fully remote. *Exceptions made for certain kinds of work.

Work Hours

  • Full flextime (no “core time” or “flex time”)
    *Does not apply to all positions


  • Two days off per week (as well as national holidays, New Year's break, etc.)
  • Paid leave, congratulatory and bereavement leave, relax days, sick leave


  • Annual salary paid in 12 monthly installments (including fixed overtime allowance)
  • Based on skills, experience, and abilities
  • Reviewed twice a year


  • Complete health and social insurance
  • Incentive program
  • Support systems, including those that benefit the employee’s family members
    *See this page for details.


  • Relocation support
  • Language learning support
  • Translation/interpretation support