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Senior Gateway Software Engineer

EN: business
JP: none
Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

Team & Work Environment

The Product Engineering team is made up of engineers with varying experience levels and different areas of expertise. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds, and are located either in California or in Japan.

  • Members from both regions are expected to work closely together on the same projects.
  • Collaboration among members is achieved through tools such as Slack, Asana, Google Docs, Google Meet, and GitHub.
  • Because of time zone difference, video calls among members usually take place in late afternoons in Pacific Time (mornings in Japan Standard Time)
  • All internal communications are conducted in English.
  • The team's technology stack includes (but not limited to) Go, React (w/ TypeScript), MongoDB, Redis, Linux, Docker, and various AWS services (EC2, ECS, SQS, S3, etc).
  • We have physical offices in San Mateo, California, and Tokyo, Japan.
  • We are a "remote-first" team—engineers may reside anywhere in Japan. New team members will attend multi-day orientation and onboarding in person in our Tokyo office. And throughout the year, team members are also expected to attend some important meetings/events in the Tokyo area in person. For those located outside of Tokyo, MODE will reimburse their travel expenses, up to a certain amount, for these occasions. Generally, there will be no more than one such required in-person attendance per month.


MODE is looking for a senior-level gateway software engineer to join our Product Engineer team. MODE's IoT Gateway is a critical part of MODE's platform by bringing physical "things" and the cloud together. The problems we are tackling often have no clear answers and your system design skills and coding skills in developing robust systems is critical. You will expand your abilities as a software engineer at MODE.

  • Lead the development and productization of MODE's gateway technology. Tasks include development and maintenance of the core gateway software (written in Go), and integration with various Linux-based hardware platforms.
  • Contribute to MODE's platform infrastructure, such as API services, message queue systems, databases, and data storage, also written in Go.
  • Contribute to the integration of Generative AI to MODE's platform and products.
  • Collaborate with our Solutions Engineers in applying MODE's product as a solution to customer use cases.
  • Review team members' technical designs and pull requests.
  • Share technical knowledge within the engineering organization and support team members' growth and development.


Minimum requirementsSome Go programming experience, or interest in learning to program in Go.

  • 8+ years of industry experience in designing and implementing software on Linux platforms.
  • Ability to plan and manage progress of development projects.
  • Ability to carry out written and verbal technical discussions in English.

  • Preferred requirements 

    • Experience in quality assurance.
    • Experience in leading a small team of engineers on a project.
    • Experience in assembling computer hardware or electronics.
    • Experience in development of cloud-based applications.

    Personal traits

    • Attention to detail and quality of work.
    • Empathy for teammates, customers, and users of our products.
    • Effectiveness in communicating technical concepts to non-technical team members.
    • Team-first mentality
    • Intellectual curiosity and eagerness to share knowledge.

    About the Company

    MODE provides guidance and tools for enterprise customers to improve their operations by connecting to physical world data, allowing businesses to be more proactive and efficient in what they want to accomplish.