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Frontend Software Engineer (Senior Level)

EN: business
JP: business
Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

We have launched a beta version of "Weave", our core product that supports optimal inflight decision-making based on "Untangle", a set of core technologies consisting of ML and AI to unravel the complexity of the navigation environment. We are looking for new members to join our product team in order to increase the pitch of our product development.  As an initial core member of our product development team, this position will focus on the Front-end development of solutions and products that unravel the complexities surrounding airline flight operations and improve the resilience of flight operations.  In the future, you will develop your career through flexible expansion of your responsibilities.

Currently, our product development team consists of less than 15 full- and part-time engineers from various backgrounds, both domestic and international. Communication is usually in a mixture of Japanese and English.


  • Lead the "Weave’s backend (DB, server, API, etc.) from design and development to operation
    • Development of aviation-related business optimization applications for users (pilots and dispatchers) involved in aviation operations
    • Development of interfaces to provide a better user experience in collaboration with UI/UX designers and to display the results of calculations of complex and voluminous data on various graphics, charts, and maps
  • Technological stack
    • Backend: Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Python, TypeScript
    • Frontend: Next.js, TypeScript
    • Infratstructure: AWS, Azure


  • At least 3+ years of experience leading the front-end side of software product development.
    • In particular, experience in leading and being involved in the front side of a product from the design and conceptualization stages all the way through to implementation is preferred.
  • Experience developing web applications as a front-end engineer for web applications, with at least one strength in a related area
  • Development experience using languages such as Python, React/Next.js, TypeScript, etc. (May be required to learn other languages as needed)
  • Experience developing in an Agile/Scrum development environment
  • Experience and willingness to go above and beyond one's job description to contribute to the team and peers

※If you have any past products, portfolios, or other materials, please provide them when you apply.

The following experience is listed as NICE TO HAVE experience. If you have any of the following experiences, please specify when you apply.

  • Experience in iOS application development (Android application development is preferred)

Successful Candidate Will Have These Qualifications

  • Shares and empathizes with NABLA Mobility's Vision and Mission
  • Willing to independently design the work required for the business and the team and produce deliverables, sometimes in a hands-on and self-initiated manner, if necessary
  • Able to conduct constructive discussions and drive work as part of a team
  • Willingness to learn new things and enjoy team and personal growth as part of a team climbing a huge mountain in an emerging global market

About the Company

NABLA Mobility Inc. is a startup that designs, develops, and provides flight optimization products for airlines using data analysis and AI/ML. We aim to enhance operational resilience and achieve both better efficiency and decarbonization by supporting optimal operational decision-making for the aviation industry and various transportation modes.

For this purpose, we comprehensively analyze and predict each element of the complex and ever-changing operational environment, and calculate the impact of pilots' decision-making on time, fuel efficiency, and safety with high resolution. Advanced technology is required. We combine the latest technologies, AI/ML, to develop software products that support efficient decision-making.

What We Can Provide to You

  • Passionate and innovative team with extensive experience in software development, the aviation industry, and business, as well as an environment to work with academia
  • Product development experience in a problem-solving-oriented team that constantly pursues technical challenges in order to maximize customer benefit
  • Business experience balancing tangible social impact and business success
  • Experience developing in an international business environment from the early stages of business, with a view to expanding into global markets

Development Culture/Environment

  • We place a high priority on investing in our development infrastructure because of the significant impact we have on the productivity of our development teams. We listen carefully to our teams and are always actively working to improve our development environment
  • We are flexible in our selection of technology areas, with an emphasis on choosing the best tools and technologies for the task at hand.
  • We use GitHub to manage our code, regardless of programming language.
  • We have a flat organization that is easy to take ownership of.
  • We provide a PC with the specifications of your choice

Working Environment

  • Expected Salary: 5 million JPY or more per annum (*Exact salary will be decided based on ability and experience)
  • Remote work is possible depending on the situation.
    • Use of co-working space with focus rooms and booths is possible if desired
    • No specific dress code, but appropriate casual/business casual attire is required for external communications, including videoconference
    • The head office is located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Working schedules in accordance with Japanese law
    • Weekend off (Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)
    • Paid vacations, year-end and New Year vacations, sick and bereavement leave available
  • Completed enrollment in the Japanese Social Insurance System
  • (Visa support available (if needed)