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EN: none
JP: fluent
Employment Type
Full time

Job Description:

We're looking for someone to look after all the paid media (advertisement) to effectively introduce the Octopus Energy brand to the world's largest deregulated energy market: Japan.


  • Execute all aspects of advertising activities in Japan and share effectiveness measurements and analysis with the team for optimization

  • Work closely with the owned channels to identify the valuable topics/information, plan, create and manage paid channel approaches and communications

  • In collaboration with front-end team members, lead the optimization of the entire D2C channel (website), including Google Analytics design and metadata optimization

  • Support all communication contents as needed, including but not limited to the above, to ensure a consistent brand tone of voice. (New services/products, media releases, etc.)

  • Lead the development of new channels and their implementation in collaboration with the owned channel manager

  • Plan and execute digital campaigns


  • A native Japanese speaker who is eligible to work in Japan

  • A specialist in current numerical benchmarks and trends in Japanese advertising (online and offline) and overall knowledge of the whole workflow from media plan, creative production, submission, and optimization

  • Able to use a variety of digital ad campaign management tools (Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, LINE, etc.) and be able to independently plan, set up, submit, analyze, and optimize ads on your own (in-house)

  • Able to use Google Analytics (GA4) for overall website performance and bird's view of the whole digital communications undergoing, not only the paid but also the organic social channels and owned content, and work efficiently in collaboration with multiple staff members

  • Have a native and expert understanding of Japanese culture, seasonality, market, and consumer trends and sentiments, and be able to creatively think and propose new approaches and timing for advertising without going by the book all the way

  • Passionate about building long-term brand equity by delivering content and information that is valuable to Japanese consumers

  • Entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to contribute to the team beyond the boundaries of department and role

About Octopus Energy:

Octopus Energy Group is an energy tech company providing a better experience for our customers through transparency, honesty, and simplicity. Better for the planet, through real long-term investment in renewable generation and a low CO2 future, and better for our customer’s wallets with fair and affordable energy tariffs.

Through our proprietary platform, Kraken, custom-built stack, cloud-based billing, and sophisticated use of data science, we’re revolutionizing what’s possible in energy. We’re transforming the way people interact with their energy company, by making it approachable, easy to understand, and most importantly, 100% renewable. We’ve distinguished ourselves by being named 2020’s Energy Provider of the Year, highlighting our commitment to exceptional customer service.

We launched in the UK, in 2016, and we already supply over 3.2 million customers with cheaper greener power in the UK alone, with operations in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and also Japan.

For Japan, we've teamed up in a joint venture with Tokyo Gas, one of Japan's most respected utilities, to offer our world-famous cheaper, greener power with exceptional customer service.