Jobs / Designer
EN: conversational
JP: business
Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

The Creative Team is responsible for providing design for all of our different projects. The type of work can consist of branding, marketing, broadcast design and video. We work closely with all the different departments, such as the production and development teams.


As a Designer at PlayBrain you will be responsible for designing high quality visual material used for content production and marketing within the game industry. You will work in a fast paced environment under creative direction or autonomously taking initiative. List of responsibilities include;

  • Designing graphics for:
    a. Logos and key visuals
    b. Online broadcast graphics (streamed on Twitch, Mildon, Youtube, etc.)
    c. Social media assets (marketing / promotion of LJL games with news, highlights from the broadcasts)

  • Merchandise design, such as T-shirts, desk mats, keyrings, pin badges etc.

  • Photoshoot for people and products, photoshoot & image retouching (directing esports players for posing, selecting photographs, setting up scenes for products)

  • Active knowledge of the esports scene in Japan and internationally

  • Contributing to meetings through brainstorming, discussion, presentation, strategy, etc.

  • Work closely with the design team and other divisions of the company

  • Video editing & motion graphics, content for broadcast interval videos, intro videos, social media.

  • Interest in video production, storyboarding, post production (editing, colour correction, music).


  • Excellent knowledge of esports games, awareness of technicalities of live broadcast to understand how gameplay elements fit as a whole

  • Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere

  • Typography (Japanese)

  • Design principles

  • Ideation (Research / Idea Generation / Evaluation / Refinement)

  • Deck building and presentation delivery

  • Brand Design

  • Can design for both digital and physical (mostly digital)

  • Interpersonal skill

  • Design Strategy / Problem Solving

  • Esports Knowledge

  • 4+ years experience as a Designer (mid-career)

Business level Japanese is required. English should be at least conversational level.

About the Company

PlayBrain creates experiences and products that gamers love. We have specialists working on esports, game marketing, products, and much more. Many know us for our work with the League of Legends professional league in Japan, as well as broadcasts for PUBG Mobile, Clash Royale League, Hearthstone Grandmasters, and more.