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Art Director - Marketing Division (Rakuten Payment)

Rakuten Tokyo
EN: conversational
JP: fluent
Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

Rakuten Payment was established in 2019 as a core company of the Rakuten Group, and as the youngest company in the group, we are developing a cashless business that is one of the most evolving areas of the current time.

How do we fight in the future in many competitions, and what services we deliver and instill in the world?

We are looking for people who can maximize the uniqueness of each Rakuten business and the unity of common assets, and shape the value of the next service together.

In particular, the Organization Department will recruit creative members who want to solve design issues and aim to design services that are easy to understand and easy to use for users and partners!


As a member of the Rakuten Group FinTech Group Company, Rakuten Payment develops business centered on payment services and marketing solutions such as “Rakuten Pay”, “Rakuten Point Card”, “Rakuten Cash”, “Rakuten Edy”, “Rakuten Check”.

The art director is responsible for accurately grasping the issues and requests for creative requests from marketing and sales representatives for each service of payment, designing design concepts and collateral for quality.Our mission is to solve issues through design and provide users and partners with more understandable creatives.

Department Introduction/Organizational Structure

The Organization Department under the marketing headquarters is responsible for the direction and improvement activities of various media such as Rakuten Pay, Rakuten Point Card, Rakuten Cash, Rakuten Edy, Rakuten Check, and the operation of these. In user communication, the Organization Department is responsible for all productions, whether on or off, for creatives that serve as touch points with users.

ORGANGATION DEEP consists of 6 groups: UX Planning, UI Design, Content Direction, Front End, Organization Planning, Organization Management.

Specific Job Description

We are looking for an Art Director to work on Rakuten Payments services. 

The concept is to bring the experience of e-commerce (internet service) to the real world! The Art Director will be responsible for the creative direction of the entire Rakuten Payments service, both on and offline, based on Rakuten's guidelines. 

You will be responsible for creative direction of the entire service, both on and offline, based on Rakuten's guidelines. (In the organization department, you will cover both services for users and for partners.) 

As a fast-growing payment service, you will be involved in a variety of creative projects. When you first join the company, you will first be involved in production in order to learn the design taste, but basically, you will focus on art direction work. 


  • Art direction of DTP and web pages in accordance with Rakuten's guidelines 
  • Production of design guidelines 
  • Definition and production of overall design look & feel (Tone & Manner) 
  • Art direction of design system 
  • Art direction for in-store announcements 
  • Art direction for advertisements in transportation systems, cashless stadiums and other ballparks
  • Photography direction (stills & video) 
  • Art direction for event booths 
  • In-house awareness-raising for service branding 
  • Package design direction for partners and many more



  • Those who have over 3 years of experience as an art director or 5 years of experience as a senior designer and are aiming to become an art director (both must submit portfolio)
  • Experience using design tools such as Adobe CC and Figma
  • Experiences in both web and DTP
  • Experience of shooting, direction
  • Skills that can propose strategic design after understanding business mind
  • High communication skills
  • Have the motivation to obtain a TOEIC 800 points or higher or an equivalent score within two years

Nice to Have

  • Experience in art direction for website renewal or design
  • Production experience of design guidelines
  • Video Direction Experience
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • The ability to efficiently order, prioritize, and process multiple tasks


English (Overall - 2 - Intermediate), Japanese (Overall - 4 - Fluent)

What kind of career you can build

We can propose and improve our own proposals to provide the world with good services that are involved in service design in upstream process, not only in creative direction but also in service design. In addition, you can also engage in the service branding of Payment Company, we welcome those who are interested in making a branding together.

Message from Hiring Manager

In the fintech industry with a sense of speed, it is possible to engage in various creatives regardless of whether online or offline. We are looking forward to applying to design for those who want to solve the problem with design, those who want to design services including branding, and we are looking forward to applying.

About the Company

Rakuten Group's basic management philosophy is "Empowering people and society through innovation," and the Group provides more than 100 million Rakuten members with more than 70 services, including Internet shopping malls such as Rakuten Ichiba and Rakuten Travel, financial services such as Rakuten Card and Rakuten Bank, media services, and professional sports. At the same time, we have built a strong business model called "Rakuten Ecosystem," which organically links users with various services.

As a member of the FinTech Group Company, Rakuten Payments, Inc. provides a variety of payment-related services, including Rakuten Pay, Rakuten Edy, Rakuten Cash, Rakuten Point Card, and Rakuten Check, as well as marketing solutions that combine these services with Rakuten Group assets. Rakuten Group's assets to these services. In addition, we will create numerous innovations in finance × intra-group domains, including finance and commerce.

We are working toward a world where anyone, anywhere can enjoy the same value through the power of technology.

With the rapid expansion of the digital domain in society, we aim to connect the Internet and the real world more seamlessly through payments, and to enable all people to use technology to lead their daily lives safely, securely, and more comfortably.

We are aiming for such a society, and we would like to work together to address the various problems faced by people everywhere and move toward the next stage.