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Software Development Environment/Automated Software Engineering

Sony Tokyo
EN: fluent
JP: none
Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

In recent years, software development has become increasingly important at Sony. Therefore, the mission of our team is to improve the productivity and quality of the Sony’s software through research and development of software engineering techniques.

We are creating advanced software development environments and techniques utilized throughout Sony to support the development of a wide range of software, from embedded systems to web services, such as AI camera-driven sensing solutions and metaverse services for fan engagement.

On our team, you will contribute to the development of CI/CD cloud services and/or advanced techniques for efficient software development, including automated test code generation, fuzzing, bug localization/repair, and large language model utilization.


  • Develop advanced techniques to speed up software development life cycle.
  • Build machine learning models and/or utilize large language models to automate software development.
  • Integrate advanced features into our CI/CD cloud services for practical use in our various businesses.
  • Design, implement, and test Go/Python/C++ programs.
  • Lead the introduction of new software development techniques for real business use cases.


Required Qualifications

  • Advanced degree in computer science or a related technical field, OR equivalent practical experience.
  • 3 years of experience with one or more general purpose programming languages including, but not limited to, Java, C/C++, Go, and Python.
  • 1 year of experience with programming language processing or software development automation (e.g. code analysis, code generation, symbolic execution, fuzzing, and bug localization).
  • Ability to speak and write in English fluently and idiomatically.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with one or more of the following: cloud system development, DevOps, and machine learning.
  • Communication and teamwork skills to collaborate smoothly with business units and drive projects forward.


Our team works with a variety of Sony's business teams by providing them with advanced software development environments. As such, we aim to streamline the development process for a wide range of software, from embedded systems to web services.

Development Environment

  • OS: Linux, macOS, Windows
  • Cloud: GCP, AWS, Azure
  • SCM: Git (GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab)
  • Others: Kubernetes, Docker

Application Requirements

  • Essay: Required
  • Coding test: Python/C++/JAVA

About the Company

Sony’s purpose is simple. We aim to fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology. We want to be responsible for getting hearts racing, stirring ambition, and putting a smile on the faces of our customers. That challenge, combined with our spirit of innovation, motivates us to create groundbreaking technology, entertainment, and services for people worldwide.

Our history as a global brand has been built around employees that all have a passion for touching peoples' lives, and pride in pushing beyond the status quo to produce truly extraordinary results.

We’re uniquely positioned because we operate in many different industries - from movies and music to video games and electronics. And, with offices around the globe, we benefit from a global workforce that learns and grows together through mutual respect.

If you're ready to join a diverse team at an innovation-led company with the power to change lives, then we encourage you to read up on the different Sony group companies and check out our Life page. Then, get in touch, and together, let’s make the world say wow.