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Software Engineer/Researcher for Image Sensors

Sony Tokyo
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Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

Our team is dedicated to researching and developing computer vision and machine learning technologies by utilizing Sony's innovations in sensor technology.

As such, our focus areas include:

A) Developing signal processing and sensing systems with Sony's unique sensors, including polarization image sensors, event-based vision sensors, SWIR image sensors, and SPAD depth sensors, while, at times, also using Sony's computer graphics technologies such as simulations and renderers to support development. B) Optimizing the design of devices and signal processing from the perspectives of both hardware and software.

Ultimately, our goal is to utilize optimal design to propose original sensor devices that incorporate unique architecture with high efficiency systems.

We also conduct research and development in signal processing technologies relating to, for example, image processing and machine learning, to be implemented into new products and services.


  • Software, algorithm, and system development in relation to image processing, and support for practical implementation as needed.
  • On our team, expect to constantly acquire new skills/expertise, and to become a reliable expert in computer vision and machine learning technologies.
  • As an expert, develop key technologies to be integrated into next-generation products and services, and lead the development process as a core member of our team.
  • Engage in planning, proposing research, developing themes, and taking on challenges by collaborating with R&D branches and universities overseas.


Required Qualifications

In addition to experience conducting self-driven research and development, possession of skills and knowledge in at least one of the following areas is required:

  • Software development skills (C++, Python, deep learning frameworks, etc.).
  • Experience prototyping systems for research and development in image sensing, computational photography, computer vision, etc.
  • Specialized knowledge in optimization and acceleration, including systems and hardware.
  • Expertise in efficient computation for neural networks, and experience with development involving edge AI and hardware implementation (such as on-chip learning).
  • Experience with 3D modeling, photogrammetry, and rendering through the use of tools such as Blender.
  • Specialized knowledge in ray tracing (ray marching, SDF, etc.) and implementation experience with technologies such as DirectX and OptiX.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Fundamental knowledge of optics and image sensors, as well as an understanding of the physical properties of light, such as polarization, diffraction, and wavelength.
  • Strong collaboration skills, working seamlessly with engineers across different domains and effectively pulling them into the image sensor field.
  • Continuous learning mindset, staying updated with the latest advancements in computer vision and machine learning technologies.

Product, Service

Products and services related to image sensors.

Development Environment

OS: Windows and Linux



Coding Test

Not Required

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