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The product manager will be responsible for one of our products, either a business application with a specific use case or the Tailor core platform that serves as the common foundation for the application. and...

  1. Act as "CEO of the product" in our products' planning, development, and operation, managing the product by integrating technology, UX, and business.

  2. Collaborate with the CEO, CTO, Tech Lead, engineers, and UX designers to define product and microservice requirements, as well as take responsibility for the overall development project

  3. Anticipate potential risks and resolve them with the help of project members to keep the project running smoothly.

  4. Improve organization and processes in terms of product management to create a cycle of planning good products → developing and releasing → learning from clients' feedback → planning better products


  1. Experience in driving product development

  2. Skills to set priorities for product development

  3. Great communication skills when involving and motivating stakeholders

  4. Japanese language business skill (JLPT N2)

Recommended Skills:

  1. Coding as a software engineer experience

  2. Leading new business, project launches, etc. experience

  3. Experience in agile development and understanding of software development cycles

  4. Project progression skills with microservices architecture

  5. B2B software (package, SaaS) development experience

  6. Product development skills involving external vendors and partners

  7. Designing and developing data models and Web APIs skills

  8. Customer journey mapping, UX design, and product design and development from the customer's perspective skills

  9. Discovering and analyzing customer issues (data analysis, user interviews, etc.) skills

  10. Japanese language skills (JLPT N1)


  1. Strong sympathy with Tailor's mission and values.

  2. Passion about making an impact on society through products.

  3. Good sense of ownership and taking initiative.

  4. Ability and flexibility to work in a fast paced, fast changing startup environment.

  5. Proactiveness in taking communication with all stakeholders when promoting the product.

  6. Ability to discuss with both, business and engineering members in an open and frank manner.

*Internal evaluation criteria: G3 or above is expected.

About Tailor:

Tailor's backend platform helps companies build internal tools 10 times faster. It's also a rare Y Combinator-backed Japanese startup — the first in over 15 years.

Founded in the year 2021, Tailor is developing a headless ERP platform. It enables users to build core systems ("ERP") to support the operations of large companies.

As a product-driven company, they want to democratize the creation of products to improve people's work and lives. They do this by providing a platform for building business systems that helps businesses save valuable technical resources.

Tailor is a 0 to 1 fractional elite team with just over 10 members. They respect each member's personality, strengths, and expertise by entrusting them with a great deal of discretion and constructive feedback to form a group of highly competent, professional team members.