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Research Scientist

TheSEA Tokyo
EN: business
JP: none
10M~18M JPY per year plus stock options
Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

We are looking for research scientists (we will provide visa sponsorship if needed) to join our fast-growing GenAI startup based in Tokyo. The research mainly focuses on text-to-image and text-to-video generation using diffusion models, including building original models from scratch and customizing pre-trained models. The ideal candidate will have an interest in producing and applying cutting-edge AI technologies to commercial creative visual production.

Experience (junior, mid-level, etc.): Mid-level, senior

Candidates can apply from: Everywhere

Visa sponsorship support: Available

Salary Package: 10M~18M JPY per year plus stock options


  • Collaborate with other researchers and execute research that addresses the issues of image and video generation in commercial creative visual production
  • Develop large AI models for application in the commercial creative visual industry
  • Conduct end-to-end experiments, including designing experimental protocols, data training, code writing and management, evaluation execution, and results organization.
  • Collaborate with product and engineering team to deploy AI models into production


Basic Qualifications

  • A PhD in AI, or expected in 2024, computer vision, computer science or related fields
  • Track record of research excellence, for instance, publications at top-tier peer-reviewed conferences or journals
  • Great knowledge of the PyTorch deep-learning framework
  • 2+ years experience in executing complex experiments involving large AI models and datasets
  • Fluent in English or Chinese

Preferred Qualifications

  • 2+ years of experience in deploying large AI models in cloud server (AWS, GCP, etc.)
  • Active participation in Stable Diffusion or related open-source communities

*The listed qualifications are mere approximations. If you don't really fit the requirements but are passionate, apply anyways.

*Candidates need to send their CV and Application for Research Scientist as email subject title

About the Company

TheSEA is a Tokyo-based GenAI startup recognized by the Alibaba 2024 AI contest and backed by a top VC firm in Japan. Our founding team includes an ex-unicorn scientist, an experienced researcher, a serial entrepreneur, and an ex-FAANG engineer who is passionate about building innovative GenAI solutions for the creative industry.