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EN: conversational
JP: conversational
7-10 million JPY
Employment Type
Full time

Job Description

This position is Senior Product Designer at ustwo Tokyo studio. Focused on early stage design, prototyping and user testing, working with ustwo's global team and clients to support the transition from discovery to delivery. The initial contract period will be from June 2023 to early March 2024, but there is a possibility of being hired as a full-time employee after that.


  • Organize the user's needs, what they want, and their behavior from research, and grasp the design requirements
  • Leverage research and user insights to identify areas of opportunity where service definitions can be refined
  • Based on the user's insight, define the service concept including stakeholders
  • In order to validate the concept, we create a hypothesis by concretizing the idea with sketches, user flows, wireframes and prototypes
  • Take a flexible approach based on validation results and balance it with business goals, strategies, technical constraints and user needs
  • Build collaborative relationships with clients/partners and facilitate knowledge sharing throughout the project

**Please submit a portfolio that represents your broad range of work and design process.



  • The ideal candidate is somewhat bilingual in Japanese and English, as we use both languages in our work. However, the relative skills between Japanese/English is flexible

  • Can work in Tokyo

I'm looking for someone like this

  • Team player: A small team of people from a variety of occupations who can involve clients and produce results quickly
  • Ideas enthusiast: Good at generating ideas for new products and services that meet business goals and user needs
  • Broad knowledge and curiosity: Familiar with user-centered design, research, testing, and usability principles, keeping abreast of the latest design and technology trends
  • Critical Thinker: Can analyze context and insights objectively, challenge common sense with the team, and make logical decisions
  • Adaptable: Can thrive in uncertainty, transition smoothly, and apply Agile and Lean principles

About the Company

Ustwo is a design studio that creates great digital experiences. We build products and services with a user-centric approach. We also support your digital culture and development capabilities.

We value each and every one of our employees, customers and partners, and bring out their full potential. We develop collaborative skills and provide an environment in which people of diverse backgrounds and opinions can perform at their best.

In a fast-changing world, ustwo helps organizations succeed by tackling more fundamental and strategic challenges. The role of design is evolving, and it's important to consider the balance between compromise and non-compromise when delivering solutions that delight users.

ustwo is a certified B Corporation. This certification is a testament to our commitment to creating a positive impact on society while balancing profit and purpose as a for-profit company with high standards of social, environmental and transparency. We aim to contribute more than the world can give us.

Work environment

  • Flex time system
  • Both studio and remote work available
  • A work environment that enables a balance between work and private life/childcare
  • Mechanism to prevent work exceeding 40 hours per week
  • Freedom and responsibility are given to individuals through flat organizational management without hierarchical relationships




  • リサーチからユーザーのニーズ、求めているもの、行動を整理し、デザイン要件を把握する。
  • リサーチとユーザーの洞察を活用し、サービス定義を詳細化できる機会の領域を特定する。
  • ユーザーの洞察に基づき、ステークホルダーも含めてサービスコンセプトを定義する。
  • コンセプトを検証するため、スケッチ、ユーザーフロー、ワイヤーフレームやプロトタイプなどでアイディアを具体化にして仮説を立てる。
  • 検証結果に基づいて柔軟的にアプローチし、ビジネス目標、戦略、技術的制約、ユーザーニーズとのバランスを取る。
  • クライアント/パートナーとの協力関係を築き、プロジェクト全体を通じて知識の共有を促進する。




  • 日常会話レベルの英語
  • 東京で勤務ができる


  • チームプレイヤー:さまざまな職種の人が集まる小さなチームで、クライアントも巻き込み、すばやく成果を出すことができる。
  • アイデアを出すことが好きな人:ビジネス目標とユーザーニーズに合致する新しい製品やサービスのアイデアを作り出す能力に長けている。
  • 幅広い知識と好奇心を持つ人:ユーザー中心デザイン、調査、テスト、使いやすさの原則に精通し、最新のデザインやテクノロジートレンドを常に把握できる。
  • 批判的思考ができる人:コンテキストと洞察を客観的に分析し、チームに常識に疑問を投げかけ、論理的な意思決定を行える。
  • 適応力がある人:不確実性の中で活躍し、状況の切り替えをスムーズに行い、アジャイルとリーンの原則を適用できる。







  • フレックスタイム制
  • スタジオかリモート勤務両方とも可能
  • 仕事とプライベート/子育ての両立を可能にする職場環境
  • 週40時間を超えて働くことがない仕組み
  • 上下関係のないフラットな組織運営で、個々に自由と責任が与えられる