Jobs / Curriculum Manager
EN: conversational
JP: conversational
350,000 JPY per month (negotiable)
Employment Type

Job Description

To expand our business, Waffle is responsible for the development of the IT education programs used in each of our programs, We are entrusted with the expansion of existing programs and the planning and promotion of new programs.

Specific tasks

  • Expansion of existing educational programs such as Waffle College
  • Develop new programs in line with business expansion
  • Establish a training system for instructors and mentors

Examples of educational programs

  • Creation of websites using HTML+CSS
  • Application development using block programming (tool: Thunkable)
  • JavaScript, Python learning course to obtain an internship at SWE

Experience (junior, mid-level, etc.): Experience of instructor teaching programming

Candidates can apply from: Japan only

Visa sponsorship: Not available


This position will be responsible for developing and designing the curriculum and managing the technical aspects of the program so that non STEM background students who do not have opportunity to learn programming when they enter college can take the first steps to becoming a software engineer in the future after attending Waffle College.

Examples of responsibility

  • Responsible for the development of the materials offered in the program and training materials for instructors and TAs, while incorporating existing curriculum, and managing the materials development team
  • Design optimal logistics for the technical aspects of program operations, in coordination with the program operations manager

Expected behavior

We would like you to take the lead in future training programs while involving team members.

While working with your own hands and collaborating and discussing with each business team and lecturers, we hope that you will be able to make a difference in the lives of students through their encounters with Waffle and help them become the best they can be.

We always close to the students and create the curriculum by incorporating Waffle's mission into the students' vision for their development in each program, The curriculum manager must be continuously updated and improved.



  • Those who share our philosophy and are willing to continue to learn about gender issues and take action
  • A willingness to not only teach students but also learn from them
  • Experience as a teacher/mentor at a tutoring school, programming class, etc.

Required Skills

  • Experience as a software engineer (any language is acceptable. We currently use html, CSS, Java Script, and Python materials)
  • Ability to create documents that can be easily understood by others (Google Workspace or Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Preferred conditions

Preferred if you have

  • Experience in teaching materials and curriculum development

Desired Character

  • A strong desire to close the gender gap
  • Passionate about education
  • A desire to be close to students and to share in their growth
  • Flexibility, listening skills, and a desire to learn
  • You want to deliver your curriculum nationwide
  • You have the ability to be flexible and adaptable in a rapidly expanding organization

About the Company

Wafffle is the leading non-profit organization that provides girls & gender minority junior and high school students and university students with a place to learn programming with the aim of closing the gender gap in the IT field.

Waffle is the only NPO that provides IT education and empowerment opportunities for girls and gender-minority junior high, high school, high school, and university students to achieve its mission of "closing the gender gap in the IT field.

Though relatively new, Waffle has won several prestigious awards, including one personally delivered by the Prime Minister such as “SDGs Partnership Award"" at the 4th Japan SDGs Awards sponsored by the Japanese government.

Waffle published "Me x IT = The Strongest Theory: A Guide for Girls & Gender Minorities to Work in IT”.


Transportation, health insurance, unemployment insurance, employee pension, workers' accident compensation insurance, free dress code

Fixed overtime allowance (45 hours per month: 88,984 yen to 106,780 yen) Fixed late-night work allowance (7,910 yen to 9,492 yen for 20 hours per month)

*As late-night work may occur in the course of business, a fixed monthly late-night work allowance is paid.

(We do not allow employees to work late-night hours, but we set it this way because of our flexible work schedule.)

*The excess amount will be paid in full.