Kogei Standard: The Road to Tomorrow

Kogei Standard_ The Road to Tomorrow banner photo

Japanese crafts online media “KOGEI STANDARD” will be expanding its contents to offer more diverse information in bilingual format. A wide range of news such as the launch of new craft items, exhibition information, and reports will be published from this autumn onwards. HULS Gallery Tokyo will hold an exhibition entitled “The Road to Tomorrow”, featuring KOGEI STANDARD. In this exhibition, we will showcase and introduce the works of various Japanese artisans and artists along with their stories and techniques unique to the production areas.


KOGEI STANDARD disseminates various information on Japanese crafts such as ceramics, lacquerware, textiles, glass, wood, and bamboo works, both domestically and internationally, based on the concept of “A new way for kogei beyond the seas”. All information on the website is available in two languages, Japanese and English. In the autumn of 2021, we will start publishing news about crafts to introduce the charm of Japanese craftsmanship to people from all over the world, especially to those who have a deep interest in Japanese culture.