LGBTQIA+ and Allyship Panel

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🐰 Meet the Speakers​

Alister Lee (he/him) – Experience Designer @ Electronic Arts

He has a background in graphic design and animation. He has been in the gaming industry for 7+ years. He has worked across multiple platforms ranging from mobile, PC, and console with experience in an array of genres including casino games, war, match 3, and most recently life simulation for Sims 4. Outside of design, Alister is also a dancer on a competitive Bay Area hip hop team and cares for his Instagram famous dog.

​​Connect with Alister: LinkedIn, Twitter, ​Instagram


Linda Voigt (she/her) – UI Designer @ Workiva

Linda is an Iowa-based UI designer with a background in graphic design. She’s passionate about delightful interfaces and inclusive design. She also loves illustration, cold brew coffee, tattoos, and her spunky corgi named Ivy!

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Zack Ginies (he/him) – Experience Designer @ Electronic Arts

Zack is also an active mentor in the design community, where he supports designers at any stage of their career. Zack has experience working on projects for Google, Starbucks, Expedia, and Budweiser. He’s spent a large amount of his career as a front-end developer and has worked in many hybrid design/dev roles where he led the charge for usability and user-centered design. Outside of design, you’ll most likely find him in a karaoke booth belting out Disney hits, at midnight screenings of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or deeply focused on putting together gunpla or experimenting with resin.

Connect with Zack: LinkedIn


[Host] Maggie Pena (she/they) – UX Designer @ Hubspot

Maggie has experience working on B2C, B2b, and web projects in various industries, with a background in Industrial Design and HCI. They’re passionate about design communities, mentorship, and JEDI initiatives. Outside of design, you’ll most likely find them in playing with their dogs, brewing up Kombucha, or blasting music to rock out to.

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​Everything panelists and hosts say represent their individual viewpoints and not the stance of their companies.


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