The crux of Linework stems from the fundamental role of lines in “drawings” as a liberal form of expression.

Inspired by the ideas of the avant-garde calligrapher, Nankoku Hidai, the exhibition’s premise originates from his notion of “Shin sen (spirit line)”. Nankoku, who argued that “the essence of …calligraphy is the expression which depends on a disciplined stroke regardless of the medium”, viewed the lines as a full and unified mode of expression. Forging the “avant-garde calligraphy” movement, Nankoku broke away from the traditions of an orthodox artform and launched an unprecedented and continued wave of innovation.

With this, Linework invites viewers to re-examine the act of drawing through the fundamental role of the line. The deceptively simple act of line-making is a crucial device that evolves with each artist and can differ greatly upon how, where, and when they’re drawn. An exhibition that, in essence, strives for the continuation of Hidai’s lifelong endeavor, Linework was planned with the hopes of breaking past conventions for the development of new, liberated modes of thought and expression. By addressing the line as an unbound expression of infinite possibility, Linework welcomes viewers to discover the point at which line becomes art.

Exhibiting Artists:
Asako Hoshikawa, C-Botsu, Fumiaki Akahane, Naoto Kumagai, Nankoku Hidai, Kanji Yumisashi, Kiyoshi Hamada, Kosuke Ikeda, Nankoku Hidai, Pelonmi, Rie Ono, Sohyun Park, Tanpakushitsu, Toko Shinoda, Toshimitsu Imai, Waichi Tsutaka and more.

Exhibiting Works:
152 works