Nobuhiko Utsumi: New Innerscape Series 2021, Autopoietic Multiverse

Nobuhiko Utsumi_ New Innerscape Series 2021, Autopoietic Multiverse banner photo

Nobuhiko Utsumi has been creating his “Innerscape Series” for 36 years since 1985, using scenes of déjà vu as prototypes. Utsumi’s unique technique, in which pigments, ink, metal powder, and other materials are allowed to flow and settle on the surface of the paper, has been developed over many years in order to trigger an interaction between his own body and mind and to activate the universal principle of morphogenesis.

“The whole is omnipresent in every part, and the self-organized system of morphogenesis operates to reveal the time and space from the creation of the universe 13.8 billion years ago to the birth of life.” Utsumi says, “At that time, we can see in the work that the universe is not just one ‘universes,’ but an astronomical number of universes, about 10 to the 500th power, or ‘multiverses.

What says the fact that only 4% of the composition of the universe has been confirmed by modern science? Utsumi believes that the spiritual and material worlds have been divided by post-modern scientism and that the limits of “contemporary art,” which has inherited this influence, are also clear.