Remote Working Tools

Remote Working Tools

Discover convenient and innovative remote working tools you should use


Before the pandemic, remote work was mostly familiar only to freelancers. Now, with most workplaces adopting remote work, tech companies are incentivized to create new ideas to make this way of working easier. While Zoom and Google Meet are broadly used, why be basic when you have other newer options that can take you into virtual offices.

Video Conferencing Tools

While most of you are familiar already with video conferencing tools, here are our recommendations for the most convenient tools for remote working.

1. Google Meet

60 minutes for free users, paid plans available

You’ve most definitely heard of Google platforms. Google Meet is a video conferencing tool that provides video chat and screen sharing options. It runs on most browsers with a hassle-free setup for those with an existing Google account. Users can also sync meetings or create meetings instantly with Google Calendar, which makes it all convenient for Google users.

2. Zoom

40 minutes for free users, paid plans available

Zoom has become the most popular remote working tool since the global pandemic struck. To access Zoom, users have to create an account to host meetings, but they’re able to join the meeting from the browser. From screen-sharing, drawing on whiteboards, and annotating on screen, Zoom can also be used as a tool for hosting webinars!

Virtual Spaces

These virtual spaces enhance the remote working experience by making video chats more like a party in the real world. People move freely around the room and gather to create different groups. When people are within close range of each other, they will be automatically connected to create a video chat.

A screenshot of's virtual office, a virtual space remote working tool.

Navigating virtual office in


Free is a virtual space where people can gather online and talk. Hosts can share content for people around them, and guests can wander around to join other gatherings in the same space. is browser-based and with its simple interface, it won’t be too distracting for those who are not convenient with animated virtual space.


Free for up to 25 concurrent users, paid plans available

The world of virtual space as a remote working tool is rather special with Gather. Gather resembles the old 2D 8-bit top-down view similar to the original Pokemon games. In Gather, people can customize their avatar to 2D 8-bit characters. Just like, you can join certain spaces to have video chat meetings with people or be in your own 8-bit cubicle. Other than working space, you can also host classes and workshops, and host social gatherings. You have the means to customize your world the way you like!


Free for small teams up to 20 teammates, paid plans available

With Sophya, you’re able to wander yourself in the virtual space just like Gather. In Sophya, the characters are rather modern 2D isometric style-looking. Think of Sophya’s characters as similar to The Sims! Sophya is not limited to only providing working space, since you can create events such as Hackathons, meetups, career fairs, and social hangouts as well.

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