RISE – Japan 2021

RISE banner photo

Hi! We are Ahhyun, Kokoro, Len, Hinah, and Tomo, a team of five Sophia University students. We conduct self-empowerment and leadership workshops for youth across Japan.

RISE Mission

RISE was created by students for students. Our mission is to enable youth to become changemakers by building their creative confidence and lighting the path into the realm of unknown possibilities. 

Why we started RISE

Most people care about what they leave TO the next generation. At RISE, we care about what we leave WITHIN them!

We want to inspire and help youth build the self-confidence they need to explore their purpose, pursue their passion, and envision their own dream of enacting social change in their communities. 

That’s why we will set out around Japan this summer to engage with young students through carefully designed self-empowerment and leadership workshops.

How we will create impact

We will be traveling across Japan for six weeks starting from August 2021 to deliver our workshops. In preparation, over the past year, we have built up our skills by hosting workshops for our fellow students. For this road trip, we have already confirmed over 10 youth communities and scheduled more than 15 workshops in 10 prefectures.

We have partnered up with Girl Possible, an experienced US-based NPO that teaches leadership skills to young girls in the US. They have not only inspired us to do the same for young students in Japan but have also provided us with invaluable advice on delivering our own workshops.

We are excited to expand our impact to a national level and engage with the hundreds of middle school and high school students awaiting us!! Please make a donation to help us reach them!

Why are we doing this? & Why does this matter?

Today we are living through fast-changing and challenging times that can feel overwhelming. But this is also a time of opportunities and we want the youth to see that. RISE is a dedication to our younger selves and those moments when we didn’t know what our future would hold for us.

All of us had role models that encouraged us at different stages to follow our own passions and strive to create an impact in the communities we live in. Now, we want to do the same for the youth in Japan.


Adapted from our partners at Girl Possible, the two-hour-long “Find Your Drive” workshops each cater to 15-20 students from middle school or high school between the ages 13-18. Using the design thinking mindset, the workshop enables youth to uncover their unique leadership styles, discuss the issues that matter most to them, and reframe them as opportunities to make a change – all while laughing, playing, and bonding.