Saki Otsuka: Red in Me, Blue of the Borderline

Saki Otsuka_ Red in Me, Blue of the Borderline banner photo

UCHIGO and SHIZIMI Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Tokyo-based artist, Saki Otsuka from September 21st through October 23rd. She regards her works as her alter ego and expresses them in a variety of ways, ranging from photography, painting, and installation. In this exhibition, we feature her self-portrait photographs surrounded by red and blue flowers painted with acrylic paints and human images portrayed by watercolor bleeding techniques. These works reflect her own feelings, relationships with others, and memories of her impressions of the person.

We will produce an original catalog for this exhibition, “Red in Me, Blue of the Borderline”, which put a sign and edition number for all of them. Additionally, we will be selling special limited 20 editions which are hand-painted by the artist on the cover of the catalog.
This is a valuable opportunity to see Saki Otsuka’s works, so we hope you will enjoy them at the UCHIGO and SHIZIMI Gallery.

There is red inside me. Red is anger, sadness, and pain. I am forced by red, and I paint works. Anger, sadness, and pain are dyed red and turned into paintings. I take photographs when I am eroded by red. Red makes me move. Moving and moving, making my senses and emotions moving, and my works are born. All that red is me. But the red in me prefers blue. I prefer gentle blue to red. Blue becomes a borderline that connects me with the world.

Saki Otsuka | Photographer, Painter, Artist
Born in Tokyo. Has started painting since childhood. Takes self-portraits based on the idea “human beings are artworks”, regarding her works as her alter ego. Provided illustrations to a fashion brand and participated in an exhibition (METAL ADDICTION 2007 Fall/Winter Exhibition) in 2006. Started her career as a photographer in 2011 and expands her range of expressions such as paintings and installations currently. Also produced many works on the theme of women. Released a self-portrait photo book “Mitsubai NUDE” (ERECT Magazine) in 2012 and a book “Yowamushi” (Futabasha) in 2017.