Creative Tokyo Sponsorships

Becoming a sponsor is a great way to tap into Tokyo's creative community, whether you’re looking to boost brand recognition, launch a product, or hire new talent.

Who's in the community?

Creative Tokyo is a diverse group of 3,000+ people who create: designers, developers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and more.

We’re the largest international creative community in the city, hosting everything from cozy dinners of 10 people to massive 100-person hangouts. We attract professionals from all over the world, from all walks of life, and at varying levels of experience. They come to meet new friends, learn from each other, and explore new opportunities.

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The magic that makes Creative Tokyo unique

Creative Tokyo's number one priority is creating real, meaningful connections. Rather than being all-career and all-business, we invite you to come as yourself. There's no place for "tatemae" here—we strive to be authentic, welcoming all people from all walks of life. Because we prioritize friendships, we are able to create a space that feels like home, away from home.

Our sponsors help bring that magic to life.

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Benefits for Your Organization

As an official sponsor, you can enjoy these benefits for your organization.

Brand awareness
Go to where your audience is already hanging out. Gain visibility with co-hosted events over Meetup & other social media outlets.
Lead generation
Offer your wisdom to our community in the form of talks or workshops. Connect with our community and other sponsors. Be featured in our publications, social media, and more.
Hire top talent
Skilled technologists gather here. Attract the best through featured job posts, email & Slack shoutouts, and more. Recruit without a recruiter through freelancer recommendations.


Sponsorship plans for teams of all sizes

Choose an affordable plan that’s packed with the best features for engaging your audience, creating customer loyalty, and driving sales.

Marketing Partner

Reach our community

40,000 yen / 3mo

Become a Marketing Partner
  • Event or Product Promotion over Creative Tokyo Website, Newsletter, Slack and other marketing channels.

Community Partner

Be recognized as part of the community

150,000 / year

Become a Community Partner
  • Everything in Marketing Partner and Logo on our Website
  • Managed Job Listings
  • Newsletter, Slack, and Job Board features
  • Service Directory Listing
  • Featured on the Creative Tokyo Magazine (Coming Soon)

Enterprise Partner

Custom collaboration.

Contact Us

Contact us
  • Everything in Community Partner and Custom Events
  • Customized Workshops
  • Project Design & Marketing
  • Agency & Freelancer Referral Support
  • Other ways we can support you
  • Recruiting partnership

"Thanks to Creative Tokyo, we effortlessly recruited profiles bringing deep value to our startup. Their network has been invaluable in finding the right people with the right skills. Working with talented people who understand our mission has been a true pleasure. Highly recommend!"

Bilal Kharouni
ekei labs

Frequently asked questions

How is Creative Tokyo different from other meetups?

The vibe: emphasizing genuine friendships. While many communities are very business-oriented, Creative Tokyo emphasizes friendships and relationships over all else. We are a community started by a couple of introverts who dislike networking and the transactional vibe that some groups project.

English-speaking creative professionals. We say “creatives” because we want to be inclusive of all who make things on their job: design, development, marketing, copywriting, entrepreneurship... if you make something, you’re creative. We also speak English first (which can be a rarity in Tokyo). We welcome Japanese-speakers who are practicing their English, and also run bilingual events when a bilingual host is available.

Organizing experience. We have been organizing Creative Tokyo since May 2018. You can read our story here.

Are events in English or Japanese?

It depends on the event, but most are primarily in English. Many of our community are international folks from all over the world, and Japanese locals who appreciate an international environment enjoy coming by.

What kinds of people are most active in your community?

We tend to lean tech-centric. Major categories we see a lot of representation in tend to be design, software development, marketing, and product management.

What levels of experience do you typically see in your events?

Our casual hangouts attract a wide breadth of experience. We see everyone from executive positions to those still in school. Learning-focused talks and workshops tend to bring in practicioners of that specific field.