T9G + Shoko Nakazawa: SxT Zingaro

T9G + Shoko Nakazawa “SxT Zingaro” banner photo

In September 2021, T9G and Nakazawa Shoko will hold a two-person exhibition, “SxT ZINGARO” at Hidari Zingaro.

T9G and Shoko Nakazawa are highly involved in the production of many toy figures. There are collectors all over the world possessing their sculptures, including the “RANGEAS” by T9G and the “Byron” by Nakazawa Shoko.

In this exhibition, along with T9G and Shoko Nakazawa’s custom figures and soft vinyl dolls, are the three-dimensional works and painting series the artists have started producing in recent years will also be exhibited.

This is an opportunity for you to fully enjoy the sculptures and creativity of the exhibition by T9G and Shoko Nakazawa, where toy figures and art intersect. We look forward to your visit.