Tales From the Trenches: The Design Industry

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This event will take place on Discord Stages in the Design Buddies Discord community. Make sure to join our Discord in order to see the channel (https://discord.gg/designbuddies).

You can see a screenshot of how the channel looks like here (we can’t add photos here): https://lu.ma/crazy-stories

🐰About our speakers

Sonya is a Sr.principal product designer & an HCI practitioner for about 12 years now. With a history of working in different industries, she aims to build products that make a difference. She is currently building a UPWorlds ✨🚀- a peer-to-peer marketplace for metaverse builders community.

David founded C42D, one of NYC’s premier branding agencies for startups, in 2010. Starting as a solo freelancer and ignoring the recession, he built C42D from the ground up with plenty of stumbles along the way… Over the years we’ve been honored to work with Facebook, Reebok, Ogilvy, Shazam, Chanel, YouTube, Kindbody, and too many startups to mention. When not branding unicorns or scrolling LinkedIn, you can catch him playing guitar, eating a taco, or mentoring future design prodigies. He’s always happy to chat about design, branding, tech culture, or salsa.

🐰 About Design Buddies

Design Buddies is an inclusive design community aimed to connect and empower designers by providing free resources, events, mentorship, and more.