TED Circles hosted by Skydea: Agree to disagree

TED Circles hosted by Skydea banner photo

Hi, Creatives! Here’s a new type of event. Let’s gather around, watch a TED talk, and have a friendly, intellectual discussion! Every month, there’s a different theme.

Also, no homework. All you need to do is show up!

👉 If you’re coming, please register on the Zoom link! It’ll be visible once you’ve RSVPed for the Meetup event.

■ What’s TED Circles?

TED Circles is an open community of small groups that meet for conversations about big ideas. It’s a new TED initiative where volunteer hosts invite friends, neighbours, strangers, or a mix – many who’ve never attended TED or TEDx events – to discuss a variety of interesting topics. It’s a great chance to learn new things and meet new people so I’m seeking new people to ensure we have a variety of voices included in this conversation! You can learn more on the webpage and in this animated video.

■ Q&A

❓ What if I’m not a designer or just learning design?
That’s okay! As long as you’re interested in design or creative pursuits, you’re welcome to join.

❓ What if I’m not in Tokyo?
It’s online (at least for now), so all locations are welcome!

❓ What language is this in?
English only.

■ Language


■ Rules

Please be friendly and respectful! Our designer community is all about inclusivity and good vibes. 🙂
Don’t come to sell your wares or recruit for Amway, thanks!

■ Organizer

Hi, I’m Hitomi. I’m a UX designer/front-end dev/entrepreneur from Boston, born in Japan but raised in the US! I started this group because I didn’t know a lot of people, and wanted to find designer friends in Tokyo. I speak both English and Japanese, so if you need help with anything in Tokyo, feel free to reach out. 🙂

Register here: https://www.meetup.com/Tokyo-Design/events/gpzjksycckbdc/