The People-Pleaser’s Guide to Saying No

Most of us have found ourselves overwhelmed, overcommitted, under-resourced, and drowning in a sea of to-dos we honestly wish we had turned down. So how did we end up in this particular paradise? Easy: We say yes when we should say no.

​Saying no effectively is one of the most important building blocks of an exciting, successful, and fulfilling life and career. It lets us set limits on the tasks we (or our team!) take on, it creates space for important projects, it strengthens our negotiations, and it allows us to design the life we want instead of just defaulting into what others see for us. So there’s no time like the present to get good at this foundational skill!

This talk will focus on the under-used art of saying no. We’ll cover:

​- What is it about “no” that feels so terrifying?

​- How to figure out when your yes should really be a no

​- Tools and techniques that will help you say no successfully

​The goal of this talk is to teach you how to set limits and say no at work and in your life so you can do high-value work, protect your time, nurture your well-being, and have more control over your life.

🐰About our speaker

​Louise Lee is a Leadership & Life Coach who challenges you to see things completely differently. She’s known for her honest conversations, her loving disruption, and the tangible results she helps people like you get for your life and your career. She’s also known for managing projects successfully whilst also keeping her teams happy and sane – and a key part of this is getting really good at Saying No. Louise is originally from London, England and is happily a dual citizen of both the UK and Canada. She’s also a classically-trained violinist and performs with awesome groups around the Lower Mainland.