Unity Talk: Procedural Audio with Pure Data 🎵

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❓Can you make music with Unity?
✅ Yes! Unity’s features for sound production offer a lot of options for anyone looking to do cool things with their audio.
❓ Have you been wondering how to create a Procedural Audio with Pure Data?
❓Not sure where to start with?

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🧑‍💻 Stephan E. Perez
I started studying Composition and Electronic Music in Austria, where I started learning Pure Data. After coming to Japan, I began learning the Heavy Compiler, which allows for the conversion of Pure Data patches to native plugins on various platforms. I used this to make the sound for “enen” a puzzle game for iOS. After self-study of Andy Farnell’s “Designing Sound” to learn about the synthesis of realistic sounds, I took the School of Video Game Audio’s Pure Data course. I was the Featured Grad of July/August 2019 for “Interactive Realism”, the first project completed in their course with completely procedural audio. Currently living in Tokyo, where I make my own pieces in Unity, exhibit them, and perform on electric violin/viola.


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