Wa no Akari x Hyakudan Kaidan

Wa no Akari x Hyakudan Kaidan banner photo

The exhibition will be installed at the hotel’s famed Hyakudan Kaidan (100-step staircase) which is a registered tangible cultural property of Tokyo. 

The theme this year is ‘light of Japan, light of the future’, featuring seven rooms with all sorts of traditional crafts including Japanese wind chimes, ceramics, gassan washi (Japanese paper), Ryukyu glass (handmade glassware from Okinawa), and much more.

Until August 15, the Gyoshonoma Room will focus on celebrating Tanabata (or Star Festival), with a section dedicated to visitors who want to write their wishes on a tanzaku paper strip and hang it up on the wall. However, from August 16, it will change into a room made to look like an autumn landscape, appropriate for the coming moon-viewing season, with full-moon-inspired artworks by Shigeoko Takayama.

There’s no shortage of photo opportunities here, including the hotel corridor adorned with 4,000 goldfish paper lanterns. An entry to the exhibition costs ¥1,200 (students ¥600) per person which you can purchase at the door or on the official website.