What I would tell my younger designer self

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Join Design Buddies for a wholesome fireside chat with Minjun, Phil, Zack, and Jenny – friendly mentors from Design Buddies and ADPList hosted by Grace. They will be discussing adulting, design careers, and more. Things school didn’t teach you. 👀 You may also submit questions for their speakers via Luma.


🐰 About our speakers

Minjun Chen – UX designer at Amazon

​Minjun is working on the Global Prime Experiences team. Prior to Amazon, Minjun was a product designer at Wayfair, building tools to help warehouse employees do their job safely and efficiently. She is passionate about helping young and aspiring designers to grow and land their dream jobs, particularly designers who identify as women of color. Minjun is currently living in Seattle with her cat, and she cannot live without 3 cups of coffee every day.

​​Connect with Minjun: LinkedIn


Phil Jones – Product Manager, WorkForce Software

​Phil’s a multivarious creator of things. He’s a product manager and UX designer by trade but explores many more disciplines on rotation, including brand and graphic design, illustration, animation, mograph, video editing, 3d modeling. He loves crits.


Zack Ginies (he/him) – Experience Designer @ Electronic Arts

Zack is also an active mentor in the design community, where he supports designers at any stage of their career. Zack has experience working on projects for Google, Starbucks, Expedia, and Budweiser. He’s spent a large amount of his career as a front-end developer and has worked in many hybrid design/dev roles where he led the charge for usability and user-centered design. Outside of design, you’ll most likely find him in a karaoke booth belting out Disney hits, at midnight screenings of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or deeply focused on putting together gunpla or experimenting with resin.

Connect with Zack: LinkedIn


Jenny Famularcano – Designer and Creativity Coach, Sky Blue Jenny

​Jenny helps creative professionals design and use their own digital organization system so they can communicate to their clients and teams with consistent confidence. She has been supporting businesses as a designer and lettering artist bringing brands and stories to life through custom typography, illustration, and motion graphics while supporting students as an instructor at Laguna College of Art and Design helping students understand and practice typography. She spends her free time appreciating clouds and teaching Zumba classes.

​​Connect with Jenny: Instagram | YouTube | Website

Host: Grace Ling – Designer, Electronic Arts, and Founder, Design Buddies

​Grace is a designer, community builder, artist, runner, speaker, and content creator. By day, she is a Designer at Electronic Arts. By night, she is the Founder & Design Lead of the Design Buddies community. Outside of design and community building, Grace creates content for social media and her blog to help students, designers, and community builders with a total following of 40K+. In the past, she designed and developed virtual reality games to train surgeons and to make education fun. She also studied bioengineering and computer science engineering in college before making her way into design.

​Connect with Grace: LinkedIn | Instagram (self) | Instagram (art) | Twitter | Portfolio


​​🐰 About Design Buddies

​​​​​Design Buddies is an inclusive design community aimed to connect and empower designers by providing free resources, events, mentorship, and more.